New Music: Download or Purchase from Artist??

Ok, this may be a silly question but one I dare to ask. There are some people who don’t embrace technology, and refuse to understand it. I on the other hand am thankful for technology, and am always intrigued to find out new ways and avenues that technology brings us. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) has changed the game for our way of living. Every major corporation or respectable business has a social media connection on all 3 networks. We live in an on demand society, whether its cable tv, internet, music, whatever you want, you can access it quickly. I am a frequent iTunes user, my iPod has over 200 songs downloaded to it, nevermind whats on my computer at home. I love the fact that I can download music, straight to my iPod, whenever I want.

This leads to the topic of our discussion. There are some of us who, like myself, want to get the new cd realeased by our favorite artist, the day it comes out. So how do you handle this situation? Your favorite artist releases a new cd. Its not available on iTunes, they’re not due in your area for quite sometime, and your local Christian bookstore does not carry it, because its not a Gaither product. Do you

a. get online, or contact the office of the artist & order the cd if its not immediately available digitally.

b. wait till the album becomes available for download, or

c. wait till you see the artist in person to purchase it.

I must admit that I am an a in this situation. Case in point, I have been dying to hear the new Booth Brothers album, “Let It Be Known”, which came out Yesterday. But it wasn’t available on iTunes, and I would have to wait to see them on September 10th to purchase the cd.  After going on their website, and listening to samples, I decided I could not wait 3 weeks. Am I crazy? Yes. Well what about you, what would you do, or what have you done in the past?


8 thoughts on “New Music: Download or Purchase from Artist??

  1. On that day back in May when I first heard that the pre-release of “Let It Be Known” was available at the Booth Brothers’ concerts, I called their office about buying a copy. Since it wouldn’t be available on the website for another three months, their office manager (who also happens to be Ronnie and Michael’s mother) was kind enough to allow me to purchase it directly from the office, rather than through CCNow, their online retailer. This was a special case for me, though; as a general rule, I’ll buy CDs from the artists’ websites or at a concert. Digital downloads just aren’t something I’m interested in, as I not only prefer having a hard-disk backup (computers having an unfortunate tendency to crash and iPods/MP-3 players having a significant risk of getting lost), but also I am one of those who isn’t happy unless she has read the liner notes right down to the copyright info. 🙂

    • I’m with you Melissa. I too am a big fan of owning the physical copy of the cd, reading the liner notes, finding out the songwriter info, studio musicians and all that. I also understand your feeling toward digital downloads, but for me, the biggest reason I invest is, living in Michigan, there are alot of groups I may never see live. So its cool in that aspect, I also back up all my mp3s and burn them to a disc. But if I can, I prefer a physical copy over a digital copy!

  2. In the case of the Booth Brothers “Let It Be Known,” since it’s a label release, if there is a local Christian Bookstore, they can often order it through their distributors and have it in their stores in about the same amount of time it would take to order from the artist directly, and usually without any shipping charges.

    The problem arises when artists release independent projects. Depending on their recording contract, you can’t always purchase a copy from the artist via phone or online (Signature Sound ran into this issue with their recent “Influenced” projects – they had to wait a certain period before they could offer them online and were ONLY allowed to sell them at concerts initially).

    It’s only been recently that I’ve started to embrace the digital purchase era. I still prefer to have a hard copy if it’s something I really want, but for casual listening, I can live with the digital version. The nice part of buying a physical copy is that it can still be transferred to digital, while having the hard copy on hand.

    Like Melissa, I enjoy the liner notes, credits, etc. I like knowing who wrote what song, who played what part, and where it was done. In many cases, it also helps me understand the album more – if an album has a certain sound, good or bad, I can usually justify it by who is involved.

  3. I am in South America and the only way that I have to get music is iTunes, I would like to have physical copies of all the CD’s I bought but I can’t pay the shipping, its too expensive. I think the artist can put their albums on digital downloads, so people of others countries can listen to the albums.

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