Album Review, Squire & Samuel Parsons:Father & Son

If you have followed Gospel Music for any length of time, than you are most certainly familiar with the name, Squire Parsons. Squire is, undoubtedly, a legend in our genre. As a vocalist, he is known for his time with the legendary Kingsmen Quartet, and his longevity as a soloist. As a songwriter, he has written many powerful & iconic songs, such as “Sweet Beulah Land”, “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” (the Booth Brothers version of this song was voted of the year several years ago), “Hello Mama”, “I’m Not Giving Up”, “I Sing Because”, and so much more.

Traveling with Squire the last several years has been his youngest son, Sam. Although Squire has always had a trio on the road with him through the years, recent health issues, including being diagnosed with lukemia, have caused Squire to lean more upon Sam, featuring him more on a nightly basis. This cd features Sam singing some of his father’s more popular songs along with a few that may be new to most  listeners. There are also a nice trio of songs that feature both father & son. And Squire included a new song of his, that I believe everyone needs to hear.

The record starts off with Sam singing, “Jesus Can Turn It Around”, an up tempo number that is a great selection. One thing a listener will notice is that Sam has a very soulful quality to his voice, a lot of feeling and empathy that comes across in his performances. The second song on the disc, “Through All These Years”, is a prime example. This is a song that was actually written by David Huntsinger & Gary McSpadden, and Sam does a fabulous job on it.  Sam goes on to sing several more popular songs, (including I’m Not Giving Up, The Greatest of All Miracles, He Brought Me Through). Father & Son are featured on “His Great Love”, “The Little Carpenter”, and the classic “Look For Me At Jesus Feet”.

Squire is featured on about 3 older songs, “I Have to Sing”, “I Want To Walk With My Lord”, and “I Shall Dwell In The House of The Lord”. The song that is the must hear of this project is “I’m Still Here”. This is Squire’s testimony of his hospital room experience, when he was diagnosed wtih lukemia. This is a powerful song, even though the recording is great, you need to hear Squire live and tell the story behind this song.

I can highly recommend this great cd, you will not regret adding this to your musical library. You can purchase it at It is also available for download on iTunes.


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