Song of the Week: “Burning The Midnight Oil” by New Destiny Quartet

          Every week I want to try and recommend a song for  you all to check out. It may be a song you’ve heard all your life, or a brand new song from a group you’ve never heard of, and I’m asking you in both instances to check it out and give it a chance. This song falls under the latter category, but I believe it will be a blessing to you, and I hope you’ll trust my judgement.

The New Destiny Quartet is a group you may never have heard of before. They are based out of Washington, Michigan, about an hour from where I live in the Detroit area. They just celebrated their 11th anniversary this past Saturday in a great concert.  The groups is comprised of  Tom Durham singing bass, 20 yr old Wes VanWyk at Tenor & Doug Busam and Karl Miller splitting the lead/baritone parts. Although they are based out of Michigan, they’ve had quite a but of success, and have released some national projects.

About a month I ago, I heard a song, which is being sent to radio stations across the country, entitled “Burning The Midnight Oil. This song is different than anything you will hear on SG radio, yet it was wonderful. The song is based out Matthew Chapter 25, vs 1-13, in the parable that Jesus told about 10 virgins that went to meet the bridegroom.  5 were wise, 5 were unwise. The 5 that were wise took oil for their lamps, the other 5 took no oil. This song is a great reminder that we must keep our lamps trimmed and glowing, working till our bridegroom returns. Wes is featured on the verses, and does a fantastic job. The group sounds fantastic & this is a must hear.

The song is the second track off the groups brand new release, “Sold Out”, released earlier this month. It features another fantastic original tune, “Babylon” that is a must hear song, as well as classics like, “I’ve Made A Covenant With My Lord”, “He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away, “Satisfied”, and “Look For Me Around The Throne”.  You can download the album on iTunes, or if you would like to order the cd, visit

I hope you’ll check out this wonderful song & great cd!


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