Album Review: “Songs From The Heart” by Triumphant Quartet

I don’t think anyone would dispute that Triumphant is one of the top, if not the top, group in our industry. Ever since making the decision to tour on a full time basis, they have endeared themselves to Southern Gospel fans across the country and strengthened their fan base. Their last recorded project, “Love Came Calling” gave the group a pair of chart topping songs, the title track & Saved By Grace.

Their newest project “Songs From The Heart” is a unique concept, it features 10 songs, all written by the guys in group. Eric, Clayton, Scotty, David, and Jeff each contributed 2 songs, and its a great project. 

1. Be Of Good Cheer – The project kicks off with a song written by Eric & Kirk Talley ( both Eric’s songs were co-written with Kirk). This song was originally recorded by the Kingdom Heirs in 1993 on their Song of Praise project. I love the arrangement of the song, Eric sings both verses, and David takes the lead on the choruses. 

2. Thank You Lord – I was quite thrilled to hear this song again. Clayton wrote this song back in 1983 and recorded it with the Singing Americans on the Everybody Ought To Praise His Name project. This song has always been a personal favorite of mine, and Clayton sings it just as well today as he did back then. The arrangement is exactly the same, and even better. And for anyone who has ever thought of comparing David Sutton to Danny Funderburk, take a listen to how he takes over the 2nd chorus. Awesome song!!

3. Praying For Me – This song was written by David and features him as well. David reminds alot of Danny Funderburk because he can sing with volume, but then he can take a song like this, and sing so softly, but with emotion and depth. If you loved “Mercy, Forgiveness, and Grace” from Love Came Calling, this will be a favorite track of yours.

4. When Its All Said And Done – This song was written by Scotty & Dustin Sweatman, and was also recorded by the Kingsmen on their Missing People project. Triumphant’s arrangement is different, yet still the same straight ahead Southern Gospel feel you would expect.

5. Streets Of Gold – Both of Jeff Stice’s contributions are featured back to back, the first being on Streets Of Gold. Right from the get go, I love this song, especially the intro, with its smooth harmonies and orchestration, reminiscent to me of some old Motown (hey I’m from Detroit) or doo wop group. This song features David and is just silky smooth. Great song!

6. When The Rapture Comes Our Way – Stice’s second song, “When The Rapture Comes Our Way”, was originally recorded by a group Jeff played with, Perfect Heart,  in 1993 on their “I Hold A Clear Title” project. This arrangement is slightly different but just as enjoyable. Its a great group number and very enjoyable to listen to.

7. God Works All Things For Good – This is Eric’s second contribution, a slow, country type song, featuring Eric. The lyrics talk of tragedy’s that take place, that even though we think can’t understand why they happen, we can trust God, because he works all things for good for his children. Eric’s recitation part is a very nice touch.

8. Almost Home – This is Scotty’s second song, and this baby is a monster! Once you hear the opening bass line, and brass, the drums kick in, you know its time to turn the volume up!  This song is one of the best Scotty has written, and the energy they perform this with live is just as awesome, as the recording. When you see Triumphant live, this is gonna be the song that will stay in your head for the rest of the night. This will be a hit for sure with fans and radio/

9. Goin’ Up To Heaven – Clayton’s second composition, Goin’ Up To Heaven, is just old time quartet singing at its finest. Triumphant can sing any style and do it well, and this is another example.

10. Let’s All Stand For America – David Sutton wrote this patriotic song. Great lyrics that encourage Christians to stand for America, and put our faith and trust in the God that made this nation great. The orchestration is mammoth, and gives it a great patriotic feel.

My Favorite Tracks: Be Of Good Cheer, Thank You Lord, Streets of Gold, Almost Home, Praying For Me

Final Thoughts – This is a very well done cd, a great concept by the group, and I think it will be enjoyed.  “Love Came Calling” was such a great cd, it would be hard for any group to top or match it, but “Songs From The Heart” features Triumphant doing what they do best, going all over the map stylistically, outstanding vocals and delivering superb songs with great messages. You will definitely want to add this cd to your library.


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