I’ve Had Enough!

This morning I am officially done with Gold City. Once again, another release date has passed, and no new cd. Its been removed from Provident-Integrity Distribution’s online listing of new releases. ChristianBook.com is selling the cd, but says it cannot ship till October 31st. We were told at NQC the group would release the cd with Craig West’s vocals, now new lead singer Jerry Pelfrey is adding his vocals, which means we’re starting all over again.

This whole debacle has made me lose respect for Gold City as a whole. I cannot figure out how this group cannot stay together, cannot release new material, or cannot generate fan interest. The only conclusion I can reach is that Daniel Riley cannot run this group. But what I do know is that I’m done with Gold City, until they can release NEW RECORDINGS and hold a group together for longer than 8 months.


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