I was born 10 Years Too Late!!

At NQC this year, I happened to walk by the table of Ronny Hinson.  I wasn’t raised on the Hinsons, my dad was a quartet man who loved J.D. Sumner & The Stamps, The Cathedrals, Inspirations, Kingsmen, and Gold City. So the Hinsons were not someone I heard, although I always read of how Kenny was such an influential singer, and of course I knew Ronny to be one of Southern Gospel’s most influential songwriters.

Well Ronny had a table full of Original Hinsons cd’s, I bought 4 of them (High Voltage, Live and On Stage, He Pilots My Ship, and One More Hallelujah). And now I am hooked, They were so awesome! I am currently listening to a live cd Encore: Live From Nashville, that I purchased online. Next up will be Touch of Hinson, Glimpse of Glory. I am personally convinced I was born 10 years too late, I missed alot of good music.

Who is an artist you discovered after their retirement that is one of your favorites??



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