Slow Songs or Ballads: Yea or Nay???

One of my favorite past times lately has been checking the Southern Gospel Critique blog, and checking Brian Crout’s list of Top 100 albums. Brian has showcased a lot of excellent cd’s, and I enjoy reading his comments. But I noticed a recurring theme in his reviews, Brian is not a big fan of ballads or slow songs. After noticing this and commenting on it, his reply to me was one that is common of the majority of Southern Gospel Fans:

“I like ballads, Brian, but they have to have some oomph. Most of my least favorites songs are slow songs that are kinda quiet and stay mellow. That’s good for some folks, but sleepy time for me. If you sing a song like that, you better be singing some special harmony, or I’m skipping it.”


Now first off, I want you all to know, I’m not picking on Brian or people who share his point of view. But this really did get me to thinking about slow songs or ballads in general.


I must say that I’m not mainly a fan of ballads or slow songs. I grew up on quartets, and I prefer upbeat or fast songs.  But those people who also share that viewpoint miss out on some wonderful songs, like Brian Free & Assurance’s “Save Me A Seat”, “I Thirst” by the Cathedrals, or “The Spirit of Brokenness” by Greater Vision, or a song that’s really been popular in a lot of churches I’ve been to, “God’s Been Good” by Legacy Five.  These are slow songs, nothing that stands out about them  from a harmony stand point.  But they’re wonderful songs that I can personally say have touched my heart.  What a blessing I would be missing  if i just hit the skip button.

So What Say Ye??? Do you listen to the ballads or slow songs, or do you just hit the skip button? You never know the blessing you could be missing.


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