To All You Music Lovers!

I posted this note on my Facebook this morning, and wanted to share it with you as well. I am promoting a concert where I live in Westland, Michigan with the terrific Mark Trammell Quartet, and Promise, as well as a trio I sing in, Broken Pieces. I’ve been a little disappointed with the response we’ve gotten, and I’ve had some feelings bubbling for a while that I wanted to share with folks, so here it is!

I know there are many of you who are sick of reading about my concerts, and tired of seeing me advertise on my profile. Just in case you don’t know me personally, I wanted to take a minute and explain to you why this music means so much to me. I was born and raised on Gospel Music. My earliest memories of my childhood revolve around family and the music that was a part of our lives. Some people grew up on the Beatles, or The Rolling Stones, or The Monkees, Frank Sinatra, or country music. I grew up on The Cathedrals, Gold City, The Inspirations, The Kingsmen, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps, and the Blackwoods. Southern Gospel Music has been a part of my life ever since I could remember.

I remember growing up, going to see my heroes, and the crowds that were there as well. I remember going to see the Cathedrals at the old Temple Baptist, now Detroit World Outreach, and that place being packed and jammed with people. I know in the last few years, our economy has been horrible, and people have to be careful with their money. But I’m under the impression that people spend money on the things that are important to them or interest them. I’ve heard people say that our tickets for this concert are too much money, and I understand for some it is costly. And if that is the case for you, if you can’t afford tickets to our concert but you would like to come, please see me or talk to me. I will do anything for people to experience this music.

I’ve gotten the feeling that there are some who don’t care about Gospel Music, and don’t want to support it. I find it hypocritical of people who complain about our ticket prices, but will pay the same or double the price to see a sporting event or secular artist. Folks, I challenge you to find a Lions or Red Wings ticket cheaper than our ticket prices. You won’t! Why? Everyone has expenses, it cost a great deal to offer a product, whether sports or entertainment, to you. Gospel Music is no different. Our music is different than any other genre of music because it is solely listener supported.

These artists travel by faith, there is no guarantee how much they will be paid,or how many people will be there. Sometimes there are great crowds, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes they don’t make enough to fuel up their bus, let alone cover expenses.

To those of you who think Gospel Music will always survive, think again. Our government is making it harder for these groups, small businesses, to operate. They need our support. These are men singing the life changing message of the Gospel. Their not singing about cheating, drinking, smoking, or anything else. They travel all over the country and sing to people we will never come in contact with. And the music they sing is powerful! In 9 days we will have this concert, and I need your support and your help! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, please do so now! If you know people that will come, let them know. If you can organize a group from your church that will come, we have a group special we would love to tell you about. I need your help and I ask you to please support this great night of Gospel Music!

God Bless,



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