Album Review: “Somebody’s Coming” by Gold City

If you have been reading my blog for the short period of time I have been posting, you’ll know that I have been pretty critical of Gold City, and the whole debacle they have gone through. Almost 2 years and now 3 lineups ago, the group began work on this with Josh Cobb at tenor, and Bruce Taliaferro on lead, and Danny Riley at baritone, and his father & Gospel Music legend Tim Riley at bass. The lineup now consists of the Rileys with Dan Keeton at tenor, and Jerry Pelfrey at lead. Pelfrey joined the group after NQC and his vocals were added to replace Craig West’s, who departed.

The album is due to drop on Nov 15th, but was digitally released this Tuesday, which i stumbled upon joyfully! The album starts with the groups new single, “Peter, James, and John” which features Danny. Next up is the only Tim Riley feature of the project, “I Get Down“. This song will be surely be a hit amongst Gold City fans, as Tim does exactly what the title suggests. After all these years, he is still THE MAN! The next 2 songs “Footprints On The Water” is a Dianne WIlkinson-Joseph Habedank penned tune & “It Won’t Be Long” an old Dixie Humingbirds tune, are both soulful tunes featuring Danny.

Our introduction to Jerry Pelfrey are back to back tunes “Showers of  Blessings” & “Lord of Life” the first being an uptempo tune, the latter the a power ballad. Pelfrey is the real deal, a vocal mix of Ivan Parker/Guy Penrod, but enough of his own vocal style to possibly put him in a class of his own. The title song, “Somebody’s Coming” which features Danny, is a hard driving, bluesy toon. I’m not really sure what my opinion of this song is. When I think of Gold City, I don’t think of Russ Taff songs. Although I love the groups sound on this song, its one that I could really do without. Maybe my opinion will change when I hear this live, but not sure yet.

Next is the only Dan Keeton feature of the project, “Leave That Burden“, a beautiful, tune that he shines on. While he may not be a power tenor like Brian Free, Jay Parrack, Steve Ladd, or Cobb, he does a great job on this tender song. Next is “I Have An Anchor“, featuring Jerry. Rounding out the recording is “Never Too Broken To Belong“, featuring Danny. I read one review that suggested this would have been a more suitable feature for Keeton, which I agree.

Although this album took forever to release, I am glad they waited to record with Pelfrey and release it with his vocals. I love 3 songs he’s featured on, and if this group has time to gell, he can become one of the top lead singers in the industry. But, I think Danny could have found another song for his father and Keeton, 5 solos for one person on a recording is way too much, no matter if they own the group or not. It is an absolute shame that Tim Riley has one feature on a Gold City recording.

Having said all that, this is one of the better albums Gold City has released in a while, with the songs & sound more true to what the groups fanbase expects. Hopefully Somebody’s Coming is a step in the right direction.

Favorite Songs: I Get Down, It Won’t Be Long, Showers of Blessings, Lord of Life, I Have An Anchor, Leave That Burden

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One thought on “Album Review: “Somebody’s Coming” by Gold City

  1. I am looking forward to hearing the whole thing. Your comment about 5 solos on 1 project reminds me of a (or the) Gold City Christmas cd, which I thought had too many Tim Riley solos……I agree that this lineup has the potential to really reclaim their spot. I’ve heard some of their stuff on youtube, and the blend is already commendable.

    I wouldn’t class Brian Free as a power tenor though. Tenor most definitely, but power? Not so much.

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