Blast From The Past: “Distinctively” by The Cathedrals

One of my favorite hobbies is digging through the lps my dad has collected through the years and finding some gems. My fathers love for Southern Gospel dates back to the 1960’s, when groups like the Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen, and J.D. Sumner and The Stamps were on top of their game. I not only heard that music as a kid, but also the great groups of the current time, which as early as I could remember, was the late 80’s.

My favorite group of all time, and I make no apologies for it, is the 1980’s lineup of the Cathedrals, that featured George Younce, Glen Payne, with Mark Trammell at baritone and Danny Funderburk at tenor, with Roger Bennett at the piano. Distinctively, was released around 1984, and was the first album to feature Danny with the group. This was a table project that was released as a lp and cassette, and to my knowledge left alone after that.

I basically grew up on this record and it is one of my ultimate favorite albums, so I had it converted to cd recently, and I cannot stop listening to it! The tracks featured on this album are , I’m Happy In The Lord Anyway, Who Am I,  John The Revelator, Thanks To Calvary, Even So Lord Jesus Come,  He’s A Personal Savior, Cheer The Weary Traveler, Whiter Than Snow, When Jesus Comes, It It Keeps Getting Better and Better.

If you ever have the opportunity to pick up a copy, or this is in your library already, pick it up and give it a listen!


2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past: “Distinctively” by The Cathedrals

  1. I’ve got this one in my collection. I haven’t listened to it for awhile. The fact it’s the first Funderburk recording with them is reason enough to hang on to it. Cheer the Weary Traveller has to be my favourite. Mark Trammell is featured on that one I believe.

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