It’s Just My Opinion: NQC Live 2011 Track Listing Posted

For a number of years, the National Quartet Convention has been releasing live cd’s of some of the year’s best moments. The last couple years have seen a bonus dvd included as well. I just saw the track listing for this years disc, at in their store, and frankly I’m a little disappointed. Track listing is as follows,

NQC Live Volume 11 – CD/DVD Combo
Tracks Include:
Kingdom Heirs – No Bones About It
Ivan Parker – Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Collingsworth Family – The Resurrection Morn
Kingsmen – He’s Everything I Need – That’s All I Need
Crist Family – I Love Lovin’ Jesus
Jeff & Sheri Easter – Hear My Heart
Tribute Quartet – Homecoming Day
Dove Brothers – I Recall
Talleys – The Broken Ones
Hoppers – All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Mark Bishop – My Name Is Jesus
Greater Vision – You Were Faithful Yesterday
Legacy Five – Thankful for the Change
Triumphant Quartet – Almost HomeBonus Features:The Dixie Melody Boys Celebrate 50 Years
Antioch Church House Choir

Greater Vision – Looking for a Tenor (aka Looking for a City)

The Perry’s Birthday Surprise!
I Wish I Could Have Been There

Laughin’ With The Swan
Dennis Swanberg

This is NQC!

Let me say first that I would, and more than likely will, purchase this cd. It was my first NQC and it was special. Half of this project is good enough, and the bonus DVD material, all but one section, looks great to me.
Now I know in the last few years, Crossroads has released these projects. 8 of the 14 artists on this cd are under the Crossroads banner. If this was a Crossroads only deal, I could understand why artists like Tribute & the Crist Family are featured. But if this is supposed to be a representation of the best moments of NQC, I disagree with the presence of Tribute, the Crists, and the Dove Brothers. I would have replaced them with the Booths, Mark Trammell Quartet, and The Whisnants or Perrys.
I understand there is alot of red tape and much work involved when doing projects like these. It is very possible and even likely that the artists I mentioned or their record companies denied NQC the permission to use their performance on the disc, and that is understandable. Maybe each record company (which is basically only Crossroads, Daywind, & Gaither, to whom the majority of the artists belong) should each put out NQC live performance discs of their artists.
I am also highly disappointed that the all star choir that backed Squire Parsons on “Sweet Beulah Land”, will only receive a brief 45 second or more appearance in a compilation video of the weeks best moments, which is called This Is NQC. I would scrap the Dennis Swanberg routine (which has pretty much never changed in the past 25 years), and put the Squire & Friends performance in full as a bonus feature. It was a once in a lifetime moment that people should be able to see in its entirety.
You say, man you’re really critical of this. My reason being, when you attend something like this, and you think you heard better moments or better performances, its kinda disappointing the direction they went with the track selection on content they included.
But hey, It’s Just My Opinion!

2 thoughts on “It’s Just My Opinion: NQC Live 2011 Track Listing Posted

  1. Wow. Pretty dreadful. Out of all the wonderful stuff that happened this year, that’s all they could come up with? I mean yeah, there are a few good moments on there, but I’m totally with you.

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