Does Live Music Make or Break A Concert Experience??

This is a topic that has become a popular issue, with some folks, but I have found myself wondering about it myself. There have been some who have made the argument that live music from a band enhances a groups sound and the concert experience for those in atendance. In alot of respects I agree with that. I read a post by McCray Dove of the Dove Brothers, on his blog on,  where he stated he witnessed young people at a event walk by Southern Gospel artists using tracks, not listening to them. Yet these same kids stopped and listened to the Dove Brothers and their band.

I don’t know if this is entirely true. I will say that a live band does add a level of energy to a performance, but I don’t necesarily agree that groups with a live band have more energy than a group with tracks. Although it is a great asset to have, not every group can afford to have a live band. There are also some groups that could afford to have a live band that do not have one. I grew up on groups that had live music, The Kingsmen & Gold City had full bands, while the Cathedrals and Inspirations had mainly piano and bass accompaniment.

Today,  the Kingdom Heirs & Ernie Haase & Signature Sound are a few of the major artists that have a live band, along with the Dove Brothers. Both Gold City and The Kingsmen no longer have live music, except a pianist. The Inspirations & Mark Trammell Quartet (in the spirit of the Cathedrals) have simple piano & bass accompaniment, with the former using a multi instrumentalist.

Personally, I enjoy a live band, but if the singers in the group have no stage presence and cannot perform the songs themselves with energy, the band is in vain. So what say ye?  Does the live band make or break the concert experience for you? I’m interested to hear your thoughts…


3 thoughts on “Does Live Music Make or Break A Concert Experience??

  1. I consider it a nice touch but inessential to a good concert experience (witness the Booth Brothers). However, it can be awfully enriching when it’s done first-class (witness my recent experience at a Keith & Kristyn Getty concert—of course, it helps if you can hire some of the best musicians in America and Ireland!)

  2. You missed what the article was about. Didn’t say it made it better . I just notice that the same young people who were walking on by to see the Christian Rock artist were stopping and listening to DBB! . Live music attracts young people.!

    • McCray,
      First off thank you for stopping by and commenting. I did not mean to misquote you or put words into your mouth. My question was for the listener, does a live band or live music enhance the concert experience for you. I apologize if I offended you in any way,that certainly was not my intention. This one of my very first posts, and I’d like to think that I’ve gotten better at this and I’m trying to be more careful of what I say. Again, thank you for stopping by, and we pray God’s richest blessings on your ministry.

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