Song Of The Week: “Lord Of Life” by Gold City

  If you’ve been reading my blog since I first started posting, you know that I’ve been pretty hard on Gold City throughout the process of bringing us their latest recording, Somebody’s Coming. For over a year and a half, they endured almost 3 complete lineup changes at the tenor & lead position. The album was completed and due to release in September, when Craig West left the group and new Lead vocalist Jerry Pelfrey came aboard that month. The group delayed the albums release, and Pelfrey’s vocals were added to the project. And yours truly freaked out.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Danny Riley. After listening to this album, I’m absolutely thrilled Pelfrey is on the project. In my honest opinion, this album is one of the best albums Gold City has released since First Class, which was the first project to feature Steve Ladd at tenor. 

One of my favorite tracks is this weeks pick, the power ballad “Lord Of Life“, featuring Jerry Pelfrey. This song has some potential, and I hope the group considers releasing this as a single. The group sounds amazing, Pelfrey’s performance (when you consider the arrangement & song was not originally chosen with his voice in mind)  is exceptional, and this a powerful song, very well done.  If you have not heard this song, do yourself a favor and pickup Somebody’s Coming at your local Christian bookstore or download it on iTunes.


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