Its Just My Opinion: Lets All Do Digital Singles!!

Who remembers the day of vinyl single’s, featuring the hits of artists of the day. Back in the 80’s & 90’s cassette & cd singles took their place, and many rushed to their Sam Goody to purchase them, I may actually have a few of them left. Now in the iTunes age, the digital single has taken its place. If you’ve ever  pre-ordered an album on iTunes, in some instances a single from the album will automatically download.

Recently I noticed that two Southern Gospel artists have released digital singles, Gold City, with “Peter, James and John” and back in July, HisSong released a digital single of “Trust You In The Trial“.  Now I have no idea how successful these two groups were with this, I downloaded both myself. But this sure seems like a great way to promote new music and get people excited about a new album.  I don’t know about you, but if I hear a  group sing a new song  that I like, but they do not have it available for purchase, I’m less likely to purchase any music from them until the new cd comes out.

Now “Peter, James, and John” was released as a digital single on iTunes a week before Somebody’s Coming was made available digitally. But it was still a great idea. It gave fans a little something to hold them over till the album was released.  If Southern Gospel artists decide to promote their radio singles this way, which they should, release them 4-6  weeks before the albums release, and let the fans know about it. This way the public gets a taste of new music, and are more likely to get excited about the new project and purchase it.

Another great idea that I love is allowing the customer to download a song if they pre-order your album from your website, which I’ve seen from artists like Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and even Crawford Crossing. Maybe its the albums first single, a live cut, or bonus track, but its a cool idea to let the fans know you appreciate them.

Now I understand,  there are some Grandma’s & Grandpa’s out there, even non elderly non technically inclined folk too, that have no clue what iTunes or a blog  is, or how to download music, let alone they think “burning a cd” means setting one on fire. So what do you do? Print up a limited supply of cd singles, and sell them at the table for $5. All I’m saying is promote new music, and use technology to your advantage. Is their a cost to it, yes, but it lets fans know you’re excited about the music, and if you’re excited, they’ll get excited as well.

Hey, you may disagree, but after all, It’s Just My Opinion! Thanks for reading & have a great day!


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