What’s Up With The Kingsmen?

I don’t know about you, but I was a little surprised when lead vocalist Bryan Hutson left The Kingsmen to join the Soul’d Out Quartet.  I was even more surprised to find out this morning that tenor Harold Reed is leaving the group to join the Lefevre Quartet. How sad that the group with the Number 1 song in Southern Gospel Radio (for what its worth) has lost their Lead & Tenor within weeks of each other.

This leaves me to ask what is up with The Kingsmen? It looks like the Reece’s made a good hire in Bob Sellers to replace Hutson, only time will tell who will take Reed’s place. I remember the good old “3 chrods and a cloud of dust” days, with Big Jim Hamill. My personal favorite lineup, that I heard in person, was Garry Sheppard at Tenor, Parker Jonathan at Baritone, Tim Surrett at Lead, and Ray Reece at Bass. The Kingsmen have a rich legacy, yet in recent years they seemed to balance their traditional material with a more contemporary/progressive direction ( ala When God Ran, Missing People).

So heres a couple of questions. 1. What will become of their sound, 2. Are The Kingsmen still an elite group in SG? I look forward to your thoughts.


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