Is This Record Really Worth $154.00??

One of my hobbies is scouring eBay for old Gospel lps, cassettes, or cd’s. Sometimes its finding a tape or cd thats out of print or replacing my worn out copy. Then sometimes its discovering an artist whose music I am just getting into.  Either which way, its a fun little hobby that I have, and I have gotten some cool treasures from it.

However, quite frequently you run into people who are taking advantage of these old recordings, and charging way too much money for them. Today I saw something rare, a Dumplin Valley Boys record featuring Gerald Wolfe. The asking price, $154.00.

Now theres no one who appreciates Gerald Wolfe more than me, I love the guy. But $154 for an lp of The Dumplin Valley Boys?? Which raises a question, what is the most you have paid for a vintage project, or what is the most you will pay?  Also, is there any recording that you feel is worth the price you paid for it?


11 thoughts on “Is This Record Really Worth $154.00??

  1. I’ve paid $25+ for a few older items that were rereleased on CD. When I sold off a bunch of my collection, I was SHOCKED that the winning bid for an early Bishops CD was $45.

    As friends of the Collingsworths, I once looked up one of their earlier CDs (just Phil & Kim together) and it was listed at $99. I contacted the Ebay seller to inquire if they meant $9.99. They confirmed that they were asking $99 for it.

    We sell books via and occasionally find a book listed for a crazy amount. Recently there was an old (Christian ministry) book listed for $70. My wife listed our copy for $19.99 and within hours the same seller who was asking $70 changed the list price to $19.98.

    The fact that that Ebay seller has posted the DVB LP for $154 doesn’t mean that its worth that – or that they seller even expects to get that much.

    But… as noted, someone paid $45 for an old Bishops CD. You just never know. 🙂

  2. Exactly, Andrew. I once paid about $30 for an older Kingdom Heirs cd. I have also seen 4 copies of the same Cathedrals video (Live In Nashville) listed from $9.95 to $99.95. Its amazing, and it would really be amazing if someone paid the $99.95!

  3. The most I’ve paid for a recording I think was a little over $50. That was for a copy of the fairly rare “Glory, Glory Clear The Road” by the Statesmen on Vine Records. When it comes down to it, I think the value of recording depends on the collector. If I am getting close to having a complete collection by a particular group then the price I would pay to finish the collection may go up. (That’s usually the case due to the last recordings to complete the collection are the more rarer ones.) There are a couple of recordings right now I would pay a pretty penny for. Would I pay $154.00? I might.

  4. I have bought and sold records for a number of years and as mentioned above the price one pays depends on the circumstances. Prices on ebay for relatively common LPs sometimes vary from $0.99 to $99.99. I think that many sellers watch American Pickers and Antique Roadshow and think what they have for sale is worth big bucks. i also feel that many sellers have no knowledge of the genre and thus their prices are exorbitant.
    I paid $50 for an early Kingsmen record a few years back.

  5. I agree with you about sellers Dean. I just bought a Goss Brothers record, New Concepts In Gospel Singing for $20 a few months ago. I was surprised to find it so cheap. Now I just found on eBay starting at .99. But who knows if a bidding war will break out. I’m happy I was able to purchase it, any Goss Brothers album I can get in my hands is a pleasure!

  6. I used to regularly pay in the $20-$50. range from Harold Timmons to get LPs before I got on the Internet. (I first found him through an Ad in Goldmine magazine or maybe Singing News). That was to get many Oaks LPs and some Cathedrals at that time. eBay and the Internet has done two things. It has made finding lps easier as people with them and people looking for them are more easily connected. This has taken prices down in some cases. Then it has some people who try to gouge people by apparently thinking because a person is willing to pay a high price for a certain item, that all SG items are worth about that much. Two I regularly see who do this (and one might be who sold your item as I haven’t looked at it yet) is EstateLD and Kokomocomics. Sometimes the former will have “specials” and cut them down eventually, but still usually quite high. This is their right of course, but it is sad when they have good items that are priced at least 2-3 higher than what the items would probably end up selling for at best. Really, I think most SG LPs (even sealed) would top out around $25 at best, but you will often see them from these guys in the $50-$100 range.Of course we have the right to not buy them and that is what I do. I have to wonder what they eventually do with them because they often don’t sell. I think they don’t understand the value of them at all, and since some have sold that high just take a stab and just about price them all high figuring they MIGHT get someone to get them at that price. What a waste!

    I was tempted to try to drive to Kokomo Comics and see if they were in stock with the prices more reasonable. It would be a few hour drive, but doable. However, I found an article about a new comic shop started, it said the owner managed the former Kokomo Comics and intimated it had been closed. I presume they are just trying to liquidate on eBay and perhaps keep it going too.

  7. Oops, I guess I wasn’t finished. 😀 I learned a long time ago as a teen (well, over 25 years is a long time ago 😉 ) that price guides are just that guides. They average out the selling prices reported to them, but ultimately items are worth what the seller is willing to sell them for and the buyer is willing to pay for them. Both have choices as to what that is and whether to do it or not.

    The most I paid for an item was from eBay, but outside eBay for the second Cathedral Trio LP (“When the Saints Go Marching In”). I had never come across it in over a decade and was afraid I would not see it again. So, I paid I think around $75. for it. Emotions like that come into play in that there are no guarantees that rare items will show up again. Occasionally I have been sorry when buying an item like that and later seeing it for cheaper or in better condition, but that is still a better place to be I think than being sorry because you missed your only chance at a much desired item.

    I still have a few items I am looking for that I would pay decent amounts for. However, I also haven’t looked as thoroughly as I should. I have tons of saved eBay searches, but I admittedly don’t keep on top of them except certain times when I look. I need to do better at that.

  8. I’m so glad I found this site! I came across this site because I am selling my albums and was checking to see if there was any interest and found one of those exorbitant prices for my Dumplin Valley Boys album and couldn’t believe it (I like my albums/music but really?!). I want to sell to someone who appreciates it, not to resell necessarily. Could someone give me an idea who to contact? I read the information about Kokomo Comics and estateld, thank you for the heads up.

  9. The most I’ve ever paid is about $20 for an older album. I frequently pay around $10 and many lower. I won’t get into bidding wars and do recognize sellers that come on and ask prices for recordings that are really out of what the price range should be. Many I think, don’t know much about what they are selling and just ask ridiculous prices to see if they get a bite. Yes, I have seen prices for the same album go from a dollar to fifty dollars (not sealed or mint) and that is why I say many don’t know much about the albums they are selling. Many may be clearing out the attic so to speak or just selling a loved one’s collection who passed away. And that brings up a totally different subject…..a family member just getting rid of Mom/Dads records. My brother-in-law did that with his mother’s old Inspirations records and she owned some that her mother had collected (instead of just giving them to me….just threw them in the garbage, a real shame). It is true, you can’t take it with you and just think all that time and money you invested in your collection!

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