The Melody Boys To Retire

The Melody Boys Quartet have formally announced today that the group will be retiring, effective New Year’s Eve of 2012. The group released the following press release today.

The Melody Boys Quartet L-R, Mike Franklin, Chris Walton, Gerald Williams, Dean Porter

The Melody Boys Quartet (TMBQ), one of America’s longest
operating male quartets in gospel music, makes their official
retirement announcement, effective New Year’s Eve, 2012.
Says Gerald Williams, who began his position as bass singer for
TMBQ in 1949 at the age of 16, “We know there is a time and a season
for all things. This is the right time. 63 years is a good season.”
TMBQ’s heritage goes all the way back to the late 1930s when they
performed three live radio programs daily as well as a healthy concert
schedule. They were gospel music pioneers when they were the first gospel
music group in Arkansas to move into the, then young, television market.
They were among the groups that performed at the first National Quartet
Convention in 1957. At the death of owner, manager and bass vocalist,
Herschel Foshee in 1949, pianist and song writer, ‘Smilin’ Joe Roper
reorganized the group as The Melody Boys Quartet and introduced a new,
young bass singer to the nation. Gerald Williams, a Southern Gospel Music
Hall of Famer and Grand Ole’ Gospel Living Legend now enters his 63rd
year as a professional vocalist.
Generation after generation of fans that love quartet music have labeled
TMBQ’s sound as a touch of the past and a taste of the future. Quality
sound and ministry integrity, tastefully mixed with family entertainment,
is TMBQ’s trademark.
Beginning in March, TMBQ will embark on their ‘Exit 63’ Tour, which will
run through the end of 2012. Mike Franklin, first tenor with TMBQ for
over 19 years says, “We are still booking dates for this, our final year. If
you’ve ever considered having The Melody Boys Quartet at your gospel
sing or your church, now is the time to schedule.”
To book TMBQ for their ‘Exit 63’ Tour, contact Gayla at
214-957-3669 or email or

It is always a shame when a group decides to disband, even more so with The Melody Boys. Gerald Williams is not just a legend in our industry, but one of the finest bass singers you will ever hear. The group currently has one of the best lineups in its history, as on display on their latest recording, American Christian.  About 5 years ago, I hosted the Melody Boys and was honored to have Gerald and the group in Michigan. They did a great job that night, and they are one of the best groups on the road today.

I hope you’ll take a moment and check the Melody Boys schedule to see when they’ll be in your area, and make sure you get a chance to see this great group one last time and salute a Gospel Music legend, Gerald Williams.


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