NQC 2012 News

The National Quartet Convention has announced some news worthy items that will be taking place at NQC this year.

1. The NQC Music Awards – This a new awards show that will take place during the Friday afternoon showcases. This is designed to replace the Singing News Fan Awards, and there are some new wrinkles to the plan. The votes will be two sections of awards: the fan-based (no purchase necessary, althought you must subscribe to the NQC email list to cast your vote) and an industry  professional awards section. The Industry Awarded Categories will be “determined by the music professionals that participate as exhibitors during the National Quartet Convention.”

2. Gaither Vocal Band Reunion – Encore

I’m hoping that this years showcase will differ from last years. We know theres enough material in the GVB catalog to go around. Heres hoping that Terry Franklin, Jonathan Pierce, and Guy Penrod get to be a part of the action this year’s reunion.

3. Tim Parton’s Parade of Piano’s

I’m glad to see this showcase come back. Originally started by Anthony Burger, then later taken over by Roger Bennett, it was last held in 2008 with Gerald Wolfe hosting. It will be interesting to see who Parton rounds up for this years showcase.

4. Lari Goss:  The Man Behind the Music

This is a great idea for a showcase. A very well deserved honor to without a doubt, ” a man who many regard as the greatest producer in the history of Gospel Music”. The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Hoppers, and Legacy Five are scheduled to take part, with more groups to be added. This will be a must see showcase this year. And I’m hoping for some Goss Brothers love in this showcase as well.


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