Song Of The Week: “We Will Stand Our Ground” by The Kingdom Heirs

This weeks pick for Song Of The Week is a powerful track this is resonating with people all over the country. We Will Stand Our Ground is a powerful song, written by Dianne Wilkinson, one of my favorite songwriters, and performed by The Kingdom Heirs, on their latest project named after the song.

With this being an election year in our country, there are some pivotal decisions that we will be facing as a nation. We are living in a world that does not want to hear the message we have, nor care about the Word of God. They expect Christians to cowher to their demands, to be silent, and back down from their stand. But we must realize as the song says, “there are things we won’t give over, there are things worth fighting for“.

Rumor has it this will be the groups next single, and if it doesn’t top the charts, I will be shocked! If you have not heard this song yet, I encourage you to download it immediately! You can download it from Crossroads website here, or iTunes or any other digital music stores. Here is a video of the Kingdom Heirs performing the song at NQC this past year, at a songwriters showcase. Dianne Wilkinson is behind the group, seated next to Phil Cross.



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