The New Rebels Quartet

One of the greatest quartets there has ever been in the history of Gospel Music is The Rebels. In 1950, the original group formed in Tampa, Florida, and was one of the most popular groups of the 50’s & 60’s. Three of the most known members,  “Pappy” Jim Waits, London Parris, and Big Jim Hamill, are all  members of the Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.  Little Jimmy Taylor, Jay Berry, Ron Booth Sr., John Gresham, and Charles Booth are among some of the groups most prestigious and loved former members.

Recently, with the blessings of many of the former members of the group, the Rebels have re-organized, and will travel on a limited schedule across the Southeast. The group is comprised of Rick Fair (formerly of Hovie Lister & The Statesmen, Palmetto State Quartet, & Southern Sound) singing bass. Alan Kendall (Melody Boys Quartet & Freedom) singing lead and is the groups emcee.  Rick’s son David Fair singing baritone, Mike Young at tenor, and pianist Barry Patrick.

Both father & son Fair, Young, and Patrick, all recently spent time with Southern Sound Quartet. The group made its debut this past Sunday in Cumming, Georgia. Our friend Diana, at, was there and posted some videos. Here is a video of the group singing a Rebels standard, Everybody Ought To Know.

I’m excited to hear a group like these guys singing traditional quartet music, and am looking forward to hearing more good things from The Rebels. Its my hope they browse some of the old albums and bring back songs like “He Set Me Free”, “Theres Just One Way”, “Somebody Touched Me”  and other gems from that era.

You can find out more information at the groups website.


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