Mark Trammell Quartet Announces Changes

I’m a little late to the party since this story is a couple days old, but I wanted to make sure I covered this. The Mark Trammell Quartet has announced some changes will be taking place in the group. Nick Trammell will be joining his fathers group, replacing Dustin Sweatman who will be departing the group, having accepted a job as the Renaissance Program Director of Choirs at Bethel University here West Tennessee. These changes will take place after NQC,  but the new lineup will have a recording ready. More information is contained in the press release here.

If you’ve been watching Nick’s career like I have, this move may not come as a suprise to you at all. Although Nick is the son of a Gospel Music icon, he has also been making a name for himself in the industry. Nick has spent time with the Perrys and his wife’s family group, The Browns. Nick not only has proven himself to be a talented singer, but a great songwriter as well. It will be very intriguing to see what the groups blend will sound like, since Nick has vocal qualities similar to his father.

Although you hate to see a personnel change in a group that is on such a hot streak like MTQ, the group will not miss a beat. There is talk that the group will add a pianist as well (since Sweatman pulls double duty as lead singer/pianist), so stay tuned for updates on that front. We wish both Dustin well in his future endeavors, Nick and his wife Jessica  as they have just become parents, and the Quartet through this time of transition.


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