An Artist You Should Know: The Calvarymen

I am starting a new segment called, An Artist You Should Know, and I am happy to be featuring a group, out of my own back yard here in Michigan, with a tremendous history.  The Calvarymen hail from Burton, Michigan, and have been singing for over 55 years. The group has had some notable members in its history, including George Amon Webster (Cathedral Quartet) and Tenor Brion Carter (formerly of Palmetto State). The group is currently comprised of Barry Maust at lead, Steve Ratliff at baritone, and James Bruney at tenor, and longtime bass singer Jim Glasco.

The group has released a collection of songs from their past entitled Timeless Favorites, that is one of their finest recordings. At the time of the recording of this project, the guys were a trio, looking for a bass singer (Prior to Glasco rejoining the group). Wanting to record the project as a quartet, they asked their producer, Bob Caldwell, to join them for this project as their “guest” and supply the bass part. Caldwell (A fellow Michigander) is no stranger to Southern Gospel Music. A solid bass, with a smooth tone, he’s spent time with the Kingdom Heirs, Statesmen, Brian Free & Assurance, and Won by One.

The songs featured on this project are He’s So Good To Me, Give Me Jesus, Campmeeting, Excuses, Love Grew Where The Blood Fell, Echoes From The Burning Bush, Reach Out To Jesus, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, I Plead The Blood, With My Eyes Wide Open, and How Rich I Am. The guys sound fantastic, they do a great job on all the songs (My personal favorites are Give Me Jesus, Love Grew, Echoes, I Plead The Blood, With My Eyes Wide Open, and How Rich I Am) and Caldwell sounds as smooth and as low as ever.

If you’d like to find out more about The Calvarymen, visit their website here. If you love smooth quartet singing, or you’re a Bob Caldwell fan, pick up this recording. You will love it!





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