The People’s Choice: Today’s Top 10 Quartet’s

I was sitting around thinking today, who would Southern Gospel fans rank as the top 10 groups in their Respective fields. So with that. I have decided to open up a new forum with this post, The People’s Choice, to get your picks of the Top 10 Quartets in Gospel Music today. In the future we will be posting more categories for you to rank your favorites. So listed below are my picks, for the Top 10 Quartet’s in Gospel Music Today. I’m sure this will inspire some nice healthy debate, and I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Here is my Top 10

1. Mark Trammell Quartet

2. Kingdom Heirs

3. Triumphant Quartet

4. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

5. Brian Free & Assurance

6. Legacy Five

7. Gold City

8. Soul’d Out Quartet

9. The Inspirations

10. The Kingsmen

Please post your top 10 picks in the comment section below. Next Monday, April 1st, I will post the results of our survey, and reveal the People’s Choice for the Top 10 Quartets in Southern Gospel Music. I look forward to reading your comments, and unveiling the selections next week!





10 thoughts on “The People’s Choice: Today’s Top 10 Quartet’s

  1. My top 10….today
    1. Triumphant
    2. EHSS
    3. Gold City
    4. Mark Trammel
    5. Kingsmen
    6. LeFevre
    7. Kingdom Heirs (Help me Lord..!!)
    8. Brian Free
    9. Legacy
    10. Soul’s Out

    9. Legacy

  2. Mark Trammell Quartet – Pure class.
    EHSS – My personal favorite. Current lineup is dynamite!
    Legacy Five – Classy and talented!
    Triumphant – Don’t personally follow them closely, but can’t argue with their success.
    Kingdom Heirs – See Triumphant
    Old Paths – These guys climbing up fast.
    Brian Free & Assurance – See Triumphant/Kingdom Heirs
    Soul’d Out – I love the current lineup!
    Tribute – A little unconventional at times, but I love them!
    Union Street – Fast risers

  3. 1. KINGSMEN
    5. SOUL’D OUT QT.
    6. TRIBUTE QT.
    10. LEFEVRE QT.

  4. 1. The Old Paths
    2. Gold City
    3. Dove Brothers Band
    4. Triumphant
    5. Kingdom Heirs
    6. Legacy 5
    7. Mark Trammell QT
    8. Soul’d Out
    9. Brian Free & Assurance
    10. Inspirations

  5. I didn’t know they’re were enough really good quartets to make a top 10. Most all the lead talent have their own groups these days. No really good lead who can really sing melody & blend : no really good quartets. Imo

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