YouTube Gem: “For What Earthly Reason” by Legacy Five with Danny Funderburk

I had the honor of attending my first Remember The Music concert Saturday Night, in Roseville, Michigan. This great evening honoring the music and legacy of the Cathedral Quartet was the closest thing to the Cathedral Family Reunion, that takes place this coming weekend. The concert featured Danny Funderburk, The Mark Trammell Quartet, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five. A special moment took place during Legacy Five’s set, when the group performed one of The Cathedrals finest songs that featured Funderburk, “For What Earthly Reason“, which was recorded on the Cats “Symphony of Praise” album in 1987. L5 recorded this song a couple years ago on their “Wonderful Life” project, with Gus Gaches turning in a fine performance.

Scott Fowler had stated in the introduction of the song, that he considered this to be a song that no other tenor singer should sing, because of Funderburk’s masterful rendition. But when Gaches joined the group, Fowler believed that Gaches was too great of a tenor not to sing the song. So with Funderburk present, L5 had him join them for a special performance of the song. Check out this great performance of a Cathedrals classic!


2 thoughts on “YouTube Gem: “For What Earthly Reason” by Legacy Five with Danny Funderburk

  1. Brian! Thanks so much for filming and posting this! What an honor it was to get to sing that song with one of my heroes. It made me smile getting to see it! Blessings!

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