Freedom Quartet Announces Kickstarter Campaign

One of the most unique fundraising tools on the internet is Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a fundraising website, that showcases a majority of inventions and artistic ventures that need financial support from donations by the websites users. The project will have a financial goal, and users donate towards it. There are also rewards for different amounts of donations. If the goal is reached, the artists will receive all the donations, and get to work on making their project a reality. If they do not reach their goal, the artists receives nothing.  Some Southern Gospel artist have taken advantage of Kickstarter, such as the Ball Brothers, Union Street, Steve Ladd, and recently Legacy Five. All of their projects have been funded successfully.

Screenshot (5)The latest Southern Gospel group to join in on Kickstarter is Freedom Quartet, comprised of John Rulapaugh (Tenor), Dale Shipley (Lead), Preston Garner (Baritone), and Burman Porter (Bass). The group is raising money for their first recording, and has set their goal at $5,000. As of the writing of this article, the group is at the half way point and has 4 days left to reach their goal. I have donated personally to this project (as well as Legacy Five’s) and I invite you to do the same! Click here to find out more about the project and to see the rewards for the different level of pledges.

Good luck to Freedom on this campaign, and we look forward to hearing their first quartet recording. If you haven’t heard Freedom Quartet yet, here’s a video of them performing Dale Shipley’s signature song, “Somebody Touched The Lord” from this years NQC.


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