The Kurt Young/Priority Song You Need To Hear!

Kurt Young is a name that is familiar to any Southern Gospel fan who knows their history. He sang tenor for The Cathedrals for a brief, yet memorable period in 1990. Unfortunately, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.  But before Young climbed aboard the Cathedrals bus, he was the tenor for a young Oklahoma quartet, called Priority. Inspired by more contemporary, inspirational groups of their time (such as The Imperials), Priority were beginning to make a name for themselves in the late 80’s.

In 1988, they recorded their first project with Homeland Records, produced by the team of Bill Traylor & Lari Goss. This project, entitled My Redeemer Lives, will be the focus of an upcoming post. But for right now, I wanted to share with you all what I believe is one of Young’s finest performances, that probably many of you have never heard. In this video, the group is comprised of Young at tenor, Scott Crawley at lead, Brian Yandell on baritone, and Brian Rose on bass. Take a listen to “The Lord Alone Is Worthy“.


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