YouTube Gem: The Perrys with Andrew Goldman

Yesterday came the official announcement from The Perrys that we brought you here, confirming that Andrew Goldman (formerly of Union Street) would be the new lead vocalist for the group, replacing David Ragan. A couple videos have already surfaced of Goldman with the group from a recent concert in Indiana. The first video that features Goldman is a cut from the groups Through The Night project, “I Got A Hold of God This Morning“. Right away you notice the group already has a fantastic blend. Goldman seems to be a great fit vocally and sounds fantastic on this one.


There’s also another video from that same concert of the group singing a song off their new project, Into His Presence, that features baritone Bryan Walker. In the past two years, Walker has been a constant in the group as it has gone through personnel changes. Not only has Walker stepped up and been a fantastic emcee for the group in the absence of Tracy Stuffle, but he continues to excel as one of the finest vocalists in Southern Gospel today. Take a listen to Walker on this new song, “I Owe Him Everything“.


Judging by these two videos, The Perrys are sounding as great as they ever have and there is much to be excited about with the current lineup. Make sure to check The Perrys schedule and catch them at a concert, you’ll be glad you did!


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