Track Of The Week: “Beyond The Open Door” by Revelation

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a Freedom Quartet concert. I was unaware that another group was riding on Freedom’s bus that weekend, a trio from Northern Ireland called Revelation. The trio consists of tenor Thomas McCalmont, lead singer David Strange, and baritone Andy Calderwood. The guys only had their Hymns project with them, so I went home and downloaded their 2010 recording Across The Lands. I remembered seeing a cd review from Daniel Mount about this project, which you can read here. I was very impressed by the project and I highly recommend picking up a copy,  it is excellent!

PR13062There’s a lot of great songs on this project, but when I got to Beyond The Open Door, I kept hitting the repeat button. This is an absolutely fantastic arrangement of a gem that was recorded in the early 90’s by the Gaither Vocal Band’s A Few Good Man project. Tenor McCalmont is featured on the verses, and sings them with tenderness and enthusiasm. The trio’s blend is superb, and the arrangement of the song matches that. Each modulation dials up the intensity, taking the song to a great high ending.  I still cannot stop listening to this one! I did not find a live video of the entire song, so here’s a video of the studio recording of the song.

If you’ve never heard Revelation, do yourself a favor and pick up both projects (Across The Lands & Wonderful Words Of Life), you’ll be glad you did. You can download both albums on iTunes, or purchase from the group or Crossoroads, The group is currently in the studio working on a new project, we’ll let you know a release date as soon as its announced. To find out more about Revelation, visit their website here.


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