Jim Brady to Depart Booth Brothers

Once again, another personnel change has been announced. And this one is truly a shocker. In a video posted on YouTube, The Booth Brothers and Jim Brady have announced that Jim will depart the group at the end of this year. Jim and his wife, Melissa, will be starting a new ministry together. Details will be announced at a later date.

Brady’s departure brings an end to one of the longest tenures currently in Gospel Music. For 12 years, Brady has been the groups baritone and has made a name for himself as not only on the genres most talented singers but most awarded songwriters.

Brady leaves some awfully big shoes to fill, it will be interesting to see who Ronnie and Michael hire to take his place. But let me commend the group for not just doing a press release, but doing a video and showing they’re support for Jim. We will post updates as soon as we know anything.


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