Video Of The Week: “In Good Hands” by Declaration

Declaration is one of the finest trios to come along in the last few years. The group consists of Kasey Kemp on lead, Jake Sammons on baritone, and T.J. Evans on tenor. The group has really been making strides in 2014 with the addition of Evans, who has helped the group create their best vocal blend to date. The group is also nominated for a Singing News Fan Award in the Favorite New Trio category.

Although the group has been blessed this year with many doors opening, they’ve also had their share of hard times. In this video, Kasey gives his testimony of some health issues he had a few months ago. The group then performs a song they recorded a few years ago and have re-recorded with T.J., “In Good Hands”. The song is done with just an acoustic guitar, played by Sammons and is performed to perfection. Coupled with Kasey’s testimony, it makes for a very powerful moment. Take a listen and see for yourself!

To find out more about Declaration, check out their website at or follow them on Facebook & Twitter.


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