Video of the Week: “Someday Soon” by Freedom Quartet

When John Rulapaugh announced last fall that Freedom had officially joined the ranks of the quartet world, I was one of many excited fans. Rulapaugh along with Dale Shipley (lead), Preston Garner (baritone), and Burman Porter (bass) have quickly become of Southern Gospel’s finest quartet’s, and in my opinion are among the best you will hear today.

let-it-be-said-front-coverThe group is set to release a brand new project, entitled “Let It Be Said”, later this month. Here’s a video of a song from the project, “Someday Soon”. This is old time quartet singing at it’s finest, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. “Let It Be Said” is available for pre-order, you can purchase your copy from Freedom here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video was taken from a Facebook post, we apologize for any difficulties that you may encounter. You can see the video also on our Fuson’s Findings Facebook page.



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