Jim Brady Trio & Booth Brothers Announce New Members

The Jim Brady Trio L-R, Tim Parton, Melissa Brady, Jim Brady
The New Booth Brothers L-R Ronnie Booth, Paul Lancaster, Michael Booth

Friday afternoon, both The Booth Brothers and Jim Brady Trio announced the newest members of their groups In the most anticipated personnel announcements of 2014.

We’ll start with The Jim Brady Trio, who also announced signing with Daywind Records this week. Tim Parton will be joining the group as the third vocalist. Parton is a name familiar to many Gospel Music fans, he has been a member of many elite groups in Our industry. He was the pianist for the Letters, Speer Family, Mike Speck Trio, Gold City, and most recently Legacy Five, where he was an occasional vocalist as well. Tim has recently spent a majority of time filling in as a vocalist with a Canadian trio, The Freedom Singers.

Taking Brady’s place with the Booth Brothers is Paul Lancaster. Lancaster made his name in the industry during his years with The Mullins. He has also sang with The Nelons, Martins, Greenes and most recently Palmetto State Quartet. The Booth Brothers did post a video press release that is quite hilarious, it will keep you on your toes!

While both men are solid additions to their group, one can only wonder how long wither man will stay. Both Parton and Lancaster’s careers have been marked by an inability to stay in one long. But both men will be great assets to their new group. Parton is not only an incredible musician and great singer, but an outstanding producer as well. Lancaster is the best fit for the Booths vocally, with a range very similar to Jim’s. He’s also a fine soloist in his own right. Here’s hoping that both men have great long tenures and usher in a great new era in their respective groups.

To keep tabs on both The Booth Brothers and The Jim Brady Trio, check out both of their official websites, http://www.boothbrothers,com & http://www.bradyhousemusic.com


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