Album Review: “Tell Somebody” by The Williamsons

I had a wonderful time at NQC in Pigeon Forge this year, and one of the things I look forward to the most about NQC is hearing groups that I am not familiar with. One group that I had the privilege of hearing in one of the Featured Artist Showcases was The Williamsons. Although I had heard of the group, I had never actually heard them in person. The Williamsons are comprised of  husband and wife, Donnie & Lisa Williamson, bass singer Darin Hebert, and lead singer Karl Rice. Rice will be familiar to many fans from his tenure as tenor vocalist for The Anchormen. The group just released their brand new project, “Tell Somebody” this week.

10384906_986580441358979_8904448170449160985_nThe project kicks off with “It Was The Word“, written by Lisa which is also the first radio single. Rice is also on the next two songs, “That’s What I’m Talking About” and  Kyla Rowland’s ,”All Our Hope“. Rice has made a flawless transition from tenor to lead and seems to fit the group like a glove.  The fourth cut of the project, “Shout” is one of my personal favorites on the cd and features Rice on the first & second verse, bass singer Hebert on the third verse, with Lisa taking over the lead on the chorus. Closing out the first half of the cd is another song written by Lisa that features her as well, entitled “Monday“. This song is a MUST HEAR! Written from the perspective of a child talking to their Mother and Father, it’s a plea for parents to live out the faith that they preach to their children. Lisa sings the verses with conviction and I’ll go a little farther and say this is one of my favorite songs I have heard this year. I really hope The Williamsons send this song to radio!

He Lived To Tell It” features Hebert, and this young man proves that he is one of the most powerful young bass singers in the industry today. “No Umbrellas” features Rice once again, and is not only a great performance, but a sincere lyric asking God to display his power and “send down the rain”. “I Laid It All Down” is the first feature for the group’s baritone, Donnie, and it’s my kind of song. “Healing For The Hurting” is a great song that features Rice, that listener know that there is help available for all in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Next up is the title song, “I’ve Got To Tell Somebody“, which features Lisa. This song gets up and goes, and encourages the listener to “tell somebody what the Lord has done for me”. The recording comes to a close with the Mosie Lister classic, “While The Ages Roll“.

In an industry where so many records sound alike and artistry is starting to get lost, The Williamsons have made quite a statement with “Tell Somebody“.  What makes this project stand out is the fact that it the group sounds like nobody else in Gospel Music today. The song selection and lyrics are great, the vocals are excellent, and it makes this project one of the best, if not the very best album released in 2014, in my opinion. Producer Donna King is to be complimented for some inventive vocal arrangements and a great job on the overall mix of the project. If you have never heard The Williamsons before, I cannot imagine a better way to get to know them than “Tell Somebody“. Pickup a copy today, you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a video that will give you a little taste of “Tell Somebody“.

You can visit The Williamsons official website here, and find them on Facebook here also.

Don’t Skip These Songs: It Was The Word, Shout, Monday, He Lived To Tell It

Label – Butler Music Group

Producer – Donna King

Rating – 5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Available on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play – Yes

Review copy not provided. 



2 thoughts on “Album Review: “Tell Somebody” by The Williamsons

  1. Thanks for reviewing. I’ve been listening to it the past few days. I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best 2 albums of the year (Kingsmen’s Battle Cry being the other). Love the vocal arrangements with the ad Lib’s throughout the recording. It is a very fresh sound.

  2. I love Karl Rice’s voice. He was a phenomenal tenor with the Anchormen but I know after hearing this recording that he’s one of the top lead singers in gospel music also. More importantly he has a big heart and loves the Lord with every fiber of his being. He’s been a good friend to me. The Williamsons are an awesome group so go out and hear them every chance you get.

    Joe Lane

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