The Old Paths Announce Future Plans

46091_10151529035691608_249788921_nTim Rackley and Douglas Roark of The Old Paths announced today that the group will cease touring at the of 2015. The group will honor all dates currently on their calendar as, with their final service will December 6th. According to a statement released by the group this afternoon, “For more than twelve years, The Old Paths have traveled not only across the United States, but also the world. It has been their privilege to share the good news of Jesus through Southern Gospel music. While the blessings that the quartet has received have been numerous, this group has faced many challenges in the last year—primarily family obligations and health issues. Many are aware of the sudden, life-threatening condition that was discovered with Tim Rackley’s daughter which required an immediate kidney transplant. Group owners Tim Rackley and Douglas Roark have decided that it is in the best interest of their families for their focus to be on home.

Rackley goes on to state, “Those that truly know us know our hearts. When we started The Old Paths, we never dreamed that our desire to simply sing in small churches would evolve in to what our ministry has become. We sincerely hope that we have blessed others as much as we have been blessed. We will miss traveling and singing but we feel like it is time for our families to take priority.”

Roark went on to add, “Decisions like these are probably the hardest for a group owner(s), and it is not a decision to taken lightly, “but once we stepped back and looked at the big picture, the decision was obvious.”

I am truly saddened by this announcement. Without reservation, I can say that I am a huge fan of this group. As I have stated previously, I believe the recordings they have released in the last 5 years, starting with 2012’s Right Now all the way through their current release, 2015’s Stay, the group’s sound has progressed, but has not veered away from the formula that made them successful. Songs like, “Battle Stand”, “God’s Great”, “Long Live The King” and “Love Them To Jesus” have topped the radio charts and helped endear The Old Paths to many Gospel Music lovers. The group has made a wonderful impression on the industry, it’s just a shame that it is coming to an end so soon.

I sincerely hope to see bass vocalist Daniel Ashmore continue in the future. He is one of the finest young bass singers on the road today, and his growth as a vocalist has been on display with every project. It is also a shame that tenor Jeremy Peace’s departure took place before the group could formally disband. Peace was a huge part of the group’s sound, it’s hard to think of another tenor singer filling that spot. I wish nothing but the best for Tim Rackley, Douglas Roark, and Daniel Ashmore. Make sure you check the group’s schedule and go see them soon.





2 thoughts on “The Old Paths Announce Future Plans

  1. Thanks guys for your ministry. God allows some things to take place in our lives we don’t understand but they are always for our good. God’s good is so much better than our’s. Whatever He has planned for you it will be good.

    Pastor Gary Hill

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