Jeremy Peace Joins The Lefevre Quartet

IMG_3059Former Kingsmen, Old Paths tenor vocalist Jeremy Peace is the newest member of The Lefevre Quartet. Although no official statement has been issued by the group, the group shared the above photo from an appearance on The Jim Bakker Show.

Jeremy did post on his Facebook page the following. “Sometimes in life we seem to get the cart before the horse. Often times we attempt to make things happen on our own because we feel it would please the Lord and we jump ahead of Him, trying to open doors and force our way through them. In doing this, we often fail to see the door we were supposed to walk through is right in front of us, but because we are so focused on our own dreams, ambitions and desires to please the Lord, we completely miss the opportunity He has for us to serve Him, how and where He wants us. I must admit I have fallen into this very situation, going on my feelings and own desires to have my own ministry, being at home with my family and serving the Lord in the way that I wanted to. I have no doubts about my calling to evangelize and sing, but it was the vehicle I chose to do so in that was not in the Lord’s plan for my family and I. After almost a month of struggling daily and wrestling within myself, I began to see the direction I was to take. This new direction wasn’t exactly what “I” had envisioned for myself and my family, or for one of my very best friends in the whole world, my little brother, Josh Townsend, but once my wife and I surrendered to the only open door and walked through, we were given peace and resolve. Through this door, I will still be able to preach and give testimony each night as the Lord leads, and my wife and I will still be able to work with others through counseling and retreats. We are excited about these new opportunities for our family, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for Josh, as our families are still very close. I personally want to thank everyone who prayed and supported our family, Josh, and the ministry, as our only desire was to serve the Lord.

Peace had left The Old Paths and announced the formation of an evangelistic/music ministry with his wife and former Old Paths pianist Josh Townsend supplying vocals and piano. Jeremy is the second former member of TOP to join the LeFevres, bass vocalist Brandon Berry was with the group as well.

Jeremy is without a doubt a fine singer, and a tremendous addition to the Lefevre lineup. The group has known their share of personnel changes over the years, but had found stability recently with both Thomas Nalley and Barry at tenor and bass. Theres a lot of potential with this lineup, definitely something for fans to keep their eyes on. As for Nalley, sources say that a press release is forthcoming. Keep both Peace, Nalley and the group in your prayers.


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