What’s New On The Table? : Another Glorious Day by Justified

For this edition of What’s New On The Table, I wanted to tell you about a cd that I’ve been listening to lately. A little while ago, I wrote about some friends of mine here in the state of Michigan, a great quartet called Justified. The group, composed of tenor David Potts, lead singer Carl Ledford, baritone vocalist Mark Jacoby, and Tim Caldwell singing the bass with his brother Dave Caldwell on keyboards, are one of the finest quartets, not just in our state, but anywhere. Their latest cd, Another Glorious Day, was just released a few weeks ago. Produced by Tim and Dave’s brother and a name familiar to Southern Gospel fans, Bob Caldwell, this is another excellent project filled with songs every listener will enjoy.

aNOTHER GLORIOUS DAYWith quartet classics like “When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More)“. “Sing Your Blues Away“, “Telling The World About His Love“, and “Somebody Touched The Lord“, to newer favorites such as “Every Question Will Be Answered“, “That Little Baby“, “Just Preach It” and more.

Some of my favorite songs on the project include “It’s Still The Cross“, which Mark does a fantastic job on. David also turns in a great performance on one of my all time favorite songs, “Jesus Cares For You“. Carl also shines on a song that is a classic, “Welcome To Heaven“. The project comes to a close with the very energetic, “Oh Glorious Day“.

As a fan of great quartets, I’d like to think that I know a good one when I hear them. Folks, these guys are the real deal. When you listen to a recording from Justified, you will hear excellent song selection, fresh arrangements and fantastic vocals.  I had the privilege of hearing them sing last weekend, performing nearly all of this project to a capacity crowd at the Lloyd Severance Thumb Gospel Music Convention in Sebewaing, MI. The crowd was encouraged, entertained, and the Lord was exalted by the music of this great quartet.  I thoroughly enjoyed Another Glorious Day, and I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this project. You’ll be glad you did!

To order this cd and other recordings by Justified, visit their website here. You can also find them on Facebook.

Check out these videos of a couple songs from Another Glorious Day.

I’m Telling The World About His Love

Oh Glorious Day


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