Album Review: “In That Better Land” by 4 One Quartet

Today’s CD Review features a group that’s been making a name for themselves in recent days.      4 One Quartet hails from Reed City, Michigan. The quartet is comprised of group owner/manager Jim Quales singing lead, Will Funk on bass vocals, Brad Ledbetter supply’s the tenor, with Raymond Ashmore rounding out the group on baritone. Although the group is less than 3 years old, the members are all seasoned veterans. They have a busy schedule that takes them all over the Mid West and throughout the south as well. They have just released a brand new project, In That Better Land, produced by Rob Novell.


IMG_3589 The cd opens with You Are The Only One, a new song written by Dianne Wilkinson, which also features the chorus of How Great Is Our God. Lead singer Quales is featured on the project’s second cut, Based Upon The Word, written by Scotty Inman. Things slow down a bit for Miracle of God, which features Ashmore on the verses. The pace picks up again with a quartet song, I Wanna Be Ready, which features bass vocalist Funk and Quales on the verses. Raymond also gets to play a little saxophone on this one too. The first half of the project comes to a close with the title track, written by and featuring Ledbetter. The song reminds me a bit of Heroes of the Faith by Legacy Five, probably because of the end of the second verse. Nontheless, a good song about Heaven that will connect with listeners.

The second half starts with a familiar song that also features Ledbetter, I Can See The Hand. Things slow down again to feature Funk on another sing you’ll recognize, Thank Him For The Miracle. It was neat to hear a bass singer featured on this one and Will does a good job on the verses. The pace picks up again for a great song Gotta Have Faith, that features the tenor, Ledbetter. Next up is another great quartet song, He Washed My Soul, that features Ashmore on the second verse, and uses I Never Shall Forget The Day. Closing out the project is the praise & worship favorite, Everlasting God/Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, which benefits from a great country arrangement and some solid four part harmony.

When you listen to a group you’ve never heard before, its always more enjoyable when there is a good blend among the vocalists. Well 4 One doesn’t just have a good blend, they have a great blend! Its also great to hear song modern worship songs utilized by the quartet. With excellent song selection and solid vocals, In That Better Land is a wonderful introduction to this group and a project that I recommend. In particular, my favorite tracks were You Are The Only One/How Great Is Our God, Based Upon The Word, Miracle of God, He Washed My Soul/I Never Shall Forget The Day, and Everlasting God. To hear for yourself, you can find In That Better Land on iTunes or order a physical copy from the group here.


Review copy provided, a favorable review was not guaranteed.


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