Sing It Again!: How Great The Debt with Dianne Wilkinson & Rebecca Peck

10917263_10152751770471608_5173493950208540515_nIt’s been a while since I’ve done a post in this series, but I wanted to discuss a great song that maybe you haven’t heard but definitely need to check out. On the latest and final recording from The Old Paths, Stay, the group recorded a fantastic song entitled How Great The Debt. Written by Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck and sung masterfully by lead singer Tim Rackley, it’s a powerful song and reminder of just how awesome and great the debt of our sin truly was.

I asked Dianne where the inspiration came for the lyrics of the song, “I remember pondering one day on the enormity of the suffering of Our Lord on the cross, and all during the long night before the awful day. I wondered for just a moment why he couldn’t have had a different kind of death…more merciful. And it seemed that God immediately answered my question…”the cost had to be high, because that’s how great and grievous the sin debt was”. It is also true that His suffering was prophesied in the Bible. I wanted to write about that great debt. I don’t recall exactly how long it took to write the lyrics I sent to Becky. But it was less than 30 minutes. Every time I hear someone mention some deed or sacrament that has to be done by man before he can be saved, my first thought is “then why did Jesus have to suffer as He did to be able to say of the Plan of Salvation, “It is finished? No. Jesus paid it ALL!”

Co-writer Rebecca Peck shared, “I remember we were talking on the phone about the idea and she (Dianne) was saying that we focus on the debt being paid so much, and we should, but we don’t stop enough to think about how much it really cost him and how great our debt really was. She, of course, sent a killer lyric. I wrote the music on New Years Eve 2012. The irony of the song was that we used a snippet of the hymn Jesus Paid It All as the bridge, and that song was also written on New Year’s Eve!

As we approach the Christmas season and celebrate the birth of Christ, I can’t help but think about the very reason he was born. He came here to die, to pay my sin debt and yours as well. May this song cause you to think about the great debt that Jesus paid with his life, and rejoice in that. My thanks to both Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck for their time and being so gracious in sharing their story behind this great song. Take a listen to the song below and share this with a friend!



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