CD Review: “Home” by The Lefevre Quartet

Home is the latest project by The Lefevre Quartet, released on Activate Records. It is the groups first mainline recording with new tenor vocalist Jeremy Peace and has been eagerly awaited by yours truly. The project was originally slated for release in October at the National Quartet Convention, but thankfully its complete now and just in time for fans to pickup before the Holidays.

the-lefevre-quartet-home-coverThe project opens with the title cut, Rusty Goodman’s classic “Home”. Although this song has become a standard in our field, the group has a nice, fresh arrangement and the vocals sound great. Next up is the first of two slower paced songs featuring lead vocalist Jordan Lefevre, “He Saved Me Anyway” and “I Don’t Know Why”. I was impressed by Jordan on this project, as his voice continues to improve with each recording and he turns in some great performances on Home. The pace picks up a bit with the next cut, “He Was There”, which features baritone Mike Lefevre, Jordan, and Peace on all three verses respectively. I love the energy on this cut! Next song, “To Say Goodbye” is a slow, country song that features bass singer Brandon Barry. This is my least favorite song on the project. The song talks about death, and I would say more so about closure. The first verse addresses a tragedy (airplane crash) while the second verse talks about a disease like dimentia, that robs a loved one of their ability to remember their family. It’s a heavy song, very thought provoking. Personally, I would have really liked to have heard Brandon sing an uptempo song here. 

Another ballad featuring Jordan, “He Left No Stone Unturned”, kicks off the second half of the project. It’a a great song with a fantastic lyric that focuses on what our Lord went through to complete his work on Earth. The pace picks up again with “Something”, a fun quartet that describes how God can something with anybody. Peace steps up for the feature on the next song, another ballad “I’ll Do Anything”. Jeremy does a great job on this song, really showing off his range, and sings it with great emotion, communicating the lyric. As someone who has followed Peace throughout his career, this is one of my favorite songs I’ve heard him sing & definitely one of the highlights of this project. Mike takes the feature on the next song, a great ballad on prayer entitled “All I Can Do Is Pray”. The project comes to a close with an uptempo tune, “Unseen Things Above”.

While I did enjoy Home, I was surprised by the number of slow songs. Of the 11 songs on Home, 7 are ballads (A Bonus Track of “I Don’t Know Why” that features Les Cheveldayoff from TBN singing the second verse is included in that figure). Compared to their last mainline project, But For The Cross, the project is not as balanced.  I would have liked to heard another uptempo song that featured both the tenor and bass. Ballad heavy records tend to bore some people, me included. 

In spite of my critiques, I encourage you to pickup a copy of this project. The Lefevre Quartet really have a good thing going right now. Their blend is excellent  and the addition of Peace, in my opinion, puts them over the top. I’m very encouraged by their direction and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them. 

To pickup your copy of Home, visit The Lefevre Quartet’s website here. As always, please share this review and if you’ve heard the project already, leave your feedback in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought on “CD Review: “Home” by The Lefevre Quartet

  1. My favorite songs on this CD:
    “He Left No Stone Unturned”

    I agree with your view, I would have liked to hear some more upbeat songs & I agree that things are going in the right direction for the LeFevre Quartet!

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