CD Review: “Love So Amazing” by Shane Dunlap

EDITORS NOTE: Last year I had the privilege of doing an interview with Shane about this project, you can check it out here.

Shane Dunlap is one of the most talented vocalists to ever grace a stage in the history of Gospel Music.  From his days with N’Harmony, to his stint as the initial lead vocalist in Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, and The Trio (Kirk Talley & Anthony Burger), Shane has showcased his natural ability to many fans. After disbanding N’Harmony in their second formation, Dunlap started working in the local church, where he has spent the last 8 years serving as a music minister.

A year ago, Shane made the decision to record again, his first solo in over 10 years. Produced by Ricky Free, Love So Amazing is the result of Dunlap’s return to the studio.

shane-dunlapThe project kicks off with “He’s Making Me”, followed by “I’m Free”. Things slow down a bit with a powerful song, “Grace Keeps Reaching”. “Heaven In Your Heart” is another slower tune, that is also the projects first radio single. Shane is joined by Sonya Isaacs Yeary of The Isaacs, and she sings the second verse of the song.

“Glory Hallelujah” is an anthemic, uptempo song of praise. “Love So Amazing”, the title track, is a beautiful ballad that describes just how truly magnificent the love of God is, and Shane absolutely hits it out of the park.Just Believe” is a shuffling tune that inspires us to trust the Lord to make a way for us. “The Most Unlikely People” slows things down a bit, and tells a great story in the lyric of how God uses people we may never expect to do remarkable things. “Shaken” is a great song that’s one of my favorites. “He Loved Me Anyway” is a great song, with only piano accompaniment.


Dunlap’s versatility as a vocalist is on full display on Love So Amazing. While songs like “Grace Keeps Reaching”, “Glory Hallelujah”, “Just Believe” and “Shaken” are tunes you can imagine hearing on modern CCM radio, Shane still sings some SG friendly tunes, like “Heaven In Your Heart”, “He’s Making Me” and “He Loved Me Anyway”. There’s truly something for everyone musically on this project.

Vocally, I believe this is Shane’s finest work, he sounds better than ever and the song selection & lyrical content is phenomenal. And once again, kudos to the finest producer in SG, Ricky Free, for once again making a fresh project that sounds like nothing else in the industry today. Being a soloist and holding someone’s attention on a recording is a tall task, but Love So Amazing did it for me. It is by far the best solo project I’ve heard in a long time, I highly recommend this project!

You can find Love So Amazing on iTunes or you can order a physical copy directly from Shane on his website here. To hear for yourself, check out the CD Preview video below.

Rating: 5 Stars

Review copy NOT provided.



One thought on “CD Review: “Love So Amazing” by Shane Dunlap

  1. Ricky Free is far and away the best producer currently working in southern gospel music.

    Great CD and review!

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