Kingsmen Announce New Tenor

The Kingsmen announced the hiring of Joshua Horrell as their new tenor singer. Horrell replaces Chris Jenkins, who departed the group a few months ago to spend more time at home and is now with The Anchormen. The group released the following statement.

13344578_10154312416438939_6062694955053074696_n“Ray Dean Reese of The Kingsmen Quartet would like to welcome Josh Horrell of Rose Hill, North Carolina, to the Kingsmen family as the new tenor vocalist. Josh, age 24, is no stranger to Southern Gospel, coming from a family with a strong musical history. He has been traveling with the Kingsmen for the past month and will transition to a permanent member immediately. He has been received enthusiastically at concerts across the country. The Kingsmen would like to thank all who applied for this position and want to express gratitude to the “Little Giant,” Ernie Phillips for traveling with them and bringing back many old memories while the audition process was taking place.”

I’m familiar with Horrell from his days with Declaration (now Allegiance Trio) and Adoration Quartet, and this move is very surprising to me. In comparison to his predecessor, Horrell is not in the same ballpark as Jenkins as far as range is concerned; but in all actuality not many tenors are. Truth is, Jenkins set the bar incredibly high for the Kingsmen, as it should be in regards to a group of their stature in the industry, and whoever replaced him would have mighty big shoes to fill. I personally would liked to have seen The Kingsmen hire a more proven, veteran tenor with more range, but Horrell is the guy.

With the widespread acclaim that the group’s previous recording “Battle Cry” received from fans and the industry alike (including myself), it will be very intriguing to see what the group will do with their sound now. Here’s a taste of The Kingsmen with Horrell from a recent concert.


4 thoughts on “Kingsmen Announce New Tenor

  1. Now that I’ve thought about it, I compare this in some ways to when they hired Chris Collins. That was “before my time” as far as interest in this music, so my observations come strictly from just listening to projects in my collection.

    Chris followed Garry Sheppard and really wasn’t like any Kingsmen tenor before him. He didn’t quite have the range of Sheppard (or the sound, for that matter), but he could adapt and handle a Kingsmen tenor part and brought his own sound to it. That ended up being one of my favorite eras of the group. Just smooth, high harmony. Based on what I heard from Josh with Adoration, I’m sure this will be the same.

  2. I have only seen a few youtube videos of Josh, but finding another Chris Jenkins is not easy. I don’t think there are too many guys out there with the range of Jenkins, Brian Free or Jay Parrack. I have been listening to the Kingsmen since the late 80’s and I am sure he will bring his own style to the Kingsmen and not worry about comparisons to previous tenors.

  3. Bill-
    I enjoyed your comments. When talking about tenors with great range, I don’t think there’s anybody better than Jeremy Peace. Lots of good tenors but in my opinion, Jeremy has as much range as anybody. I like lots of them, including Brian Free and Jay Parrack. I’m not that familiar with Chris Jenkins. I’m pretty familiar with Chris Collins and don’t know enough about his range to comment on it but as far as smooth and a fantastic tenor, I’d take him in any quartet anytime. I wish he was singing with somebody but as far as I know he isn’t.

  4. I agree! Chris is a hard act to follow, and I think it will take some adjusting to be able to get used to someone else with the Kingsmen. Chris’ range is amazing. I think when he was with the Kingsmen, they had one of the finest line-ups ever. Thanks for this great post. I enjoyed reading and am happy to have found your blog today! God bless!

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