CD Review: “Long Run” by The Old Paths

I’ve made no secret down through the years how big of a fan I am of The Old Paths. When the group called it quits back in 2015, I was extremely disappointed. So when I heard the announcement early this year that the group would return,  I was delighted. Founding members Tim Rackley & Douglas Roark are joined by bass Daniel Ashmore with tenor Steve Ladd joining the group. Long Run is Ladd’ s first recording with the group; it’s also the first Old Paths project to be produced by Jeff Collins.

The project kicks off with a nice quartet number, “Peace Is On The Way“, a nice uptempo number written by Dianne Wilkinson. Right off the bat, you can tell the blend is perfect with Steve and it sets the stage for what the listener can expect. Up next is the title cut, “In The Long Run“, which features Rackley. It has a country feel, and the guys do a nice job on it. Steve Ladd is featured on the third track, “Broken People Like Me“. This is one of my favorite songs on the project; it sounds like it was written especially for Steve and the guys sound fantastic on it. Ladd is the perfect tenor for the group and this song is all the proof needed. “Tangled In The Middle” was the first radio single from the project, and its a group song for the most part, with Daniel Ashmore featured on the third verse of the song. Rackley is featured again again on a great ballad, “At The Name of Jesus“, written by Rebecca & Logan Peck. This song is a fantastic anthem, that I hope will be sent out as a radio single. The project comes to a close with a great uptempo tune, “My Everyday Life“, featuring Ashmore, Rackley, and Ladd on the verses.

Although Long Run is an EP that only contains 6 songs, it sure does wet the appetite for more! There is so much potential for this group, they undoubtedly have an all star quartet that could accomplish alot. The blend is dynamite and the guys selected great songs for this project. With Ladd’s busy solo schedule, the group hasn’t done a whole lot of concerts this year and it’s not clear just how busy these guys will be.  It’s my hope that this is not a one off release and that we will hear more from The Old Paths. Be sure to pick up a copy of Long Run and see for yourself!



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