News & Notes for April 26th


Allegiance Trio L-R Jake Sammons, Kasey Kemp, Heath Pannell

Allegiance Trio announced the addition Heath Pannell as their new tenor singer. Pannell joins the group, replacing TJ Evans. Pannell, 32, is a native of Ripley, MS. Heath’s first performance with Allegiance was on the Praise The Lord program on TBN hosted by David Rives. Allegiance joined David Rives as well as Bass Singer Gene McDonald, Cheri Keaggy and Pastor Ben Graham. Allegiance sang and discussed their upcoming “I WILL STAND TOUR” and Jake joined Pastor Ben Graham to talk about the upcoming “I Will Stand Movie.”

The Crossroads Music Group has announced that their online music store is closing, all of their recordings can be purchased digitally on iTunes. They have also announced all of their performance soundtracks can be purchased at their new website,

We wish to express our condolences to the families of Gold City. The group was been dealing with the passing of Barbara Riley, wife of Tim and mother of Danny, passed away on April 20th. Just 2 days later, Sammy West, father of the groups bass vocalist Chris & and grandfather of sound engineer Dillan, passed away. Please pray for both the Riley & West families during this time of grieving.

In the wake of Mrs. Riley’s passing, here is a song that was dedicated to her on Gold City’s 1997 recording, “What A Great Lifestyle“. I hope you enjoy “Between Me And The Storm“.




Jon Epley Departs The Ball Brothers, Joins Lefevre Quartet

21303_912944842083720_787004317313100336_nThe Lefevre Quartet have announced their new bass vocalist will be Jon Epley. Epley replaces Brandon Berry who left the group a few weeks prior. Epley first came to prominence as the baritone for Statement of Faith, a trio with brothers Jacob & Joe Kitson, and The Inspirations. Epley moved from baritone to bass, to fill the void left by Mike Holcomb. Epley left the Inspirations to join the Ball Brothers in early 2015, and did a remarkably good job there. Epley joins a great lineup already with tenor Jeremy Peace and the father & son combo of Jordan (lead) and Mike (baritone) Lefevre, along with pianist Michael Lott.

Group owner Mike Lefevre issued the following statement in a press release, “We are thrilled to have Jon joining The LeFevre Quartet. He brings not only years of experience, but a beautiful bass voice and a sincere heart for God.

Jon issued the following statement about joining the Lefevres, ” I am so excited to be joining The LeFevre Quartet. I have been a fan of Mike LeFevre for many years, and feel that joining the vocal lineup of Mike, Jordan, and Jeremy can yield great things for the glory of the Lord. The guys and their families have welcomed my wife Tiffany and myself with open arms, and that means the world to us! Their heart for the Lord, ministry, and family is an inspiration. We are looking forward to what is in store, and are extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

Meanwhile, The Ball Brothers issued the following statement regarding Epley’s departure.

We want to let everyone know that Jon Epley is leaving the Ball Brothers to join the LeFevre Quartet. We love Jon and Tiffany and want to thank them for the time that they spent with us. We’re sad to see them go, but want them to be where God wants them. Please go out and support Jon and the LeFevre Quartet. At this time, we are not soliciting auditions. We plan to announce a new bass vocalist soon.

God Bless,
Andrew, Daniel and Chad

Epley also commented on his time with the Ball Brothers, “In my time with The Ball Brothers, we went from being friends to brothers. The entire Ball family welcomed my wife and I into their hearts, and we will never forget that. The Ball Brothers took great care of my family and I. Although God is moving us to a different ministry, the Ball Brothers and the Ball Family will always have a special place in our hearts, and we will always count them dear friends. I learned a lot about music and about myself through my tenure with the group. There are big things happening now and upcoming in the Ball Brothers’ ministry, and I wish them all the success in the world. I encourage everyone to check their schedule and go see them any chance you get. To the guys I say this: Daniel, Andrew, Chad, I love you guys. We had some amazing times, and saw God do some great things. Thank you for everything. I’ll see you down the road.

Jon Epley”

I’ll be completely honest and tell you that this move took me by surprise, I would have never imagined Epley to be a fit with The Lefevre Quartet, but anything can happen. Jon is without a doubt one of the most talented and versatile vocalists in our genre. I am very curious to see what the future holds for this lineup. Make sure you go see The Lefevre Quartet when they’re in your area, and welcome Jon to the group!



Gold City Announces New Bass Vocalist

Chris West
Chris West

The headline may be a little misleading, but a statement was released by Gold City this weekend, officially naming Chris West as the group’s bass vocalist. Chris has been with the group since July of last year, when began filling in for Tim Riley, who had suffered a stroke. The press release states, “When Tim (on the advice of his physician and with the support of his family and the group) recently made it official that he will be cutting back on the number of tour dates and performances he’s going to do, Chris, who has studied under Tim for the past eight years, was the obvious choice to permanently assume the bass role. So while Tim will be attending special events, some reunion concerts, and will from time to time even hop on the bus and show up at a concert unannounced, the touring bass vocalist fans will see at every concert will be Chris.”

Daniel Riley, the group’s owner/baritone vocalist went on to say, “We’re thrilled to have a bass singer of Chris’ caliber to step up and handle the bass part. We’re not using the term ‘retirement’ for dad. When you are called to do something for the Lord, there is no such thing as retiring. He’s still going to be out there from time to time, thrilling fans as only he can. Obviously, touring at the level we travel does demand more than he can give especially since the stroke. So while we’re so thankful for his healing, we do understand he cannot go at it like he used to, and we want consistency for our fans who have faithfully supported us down through the years. Chris has provided that stability the past year and we are excited to have him permanently filling the bass role.”

Although Chris is the newest member of the group, he is certainly no stranger to long time Gospel Music fans. He got his start in the industry with Danny Funderburk & Silent Power. From there, West also sang with N’Harmony & Mercy’s Mark Quartet, which was owned & managed by former GC pianist/arranger, Garry Jones. There is no doubt that Chris is the right guy for the group, and he’s endeared himself to Gospel Music fans around the country already. If you haven’t heard Chris with the group, here’s a sample of him from a recent concert singing “Farther Along”.

If you get a chance, go out and see Gold City when they’re near you and welcome Chris to the group!


Jeremy Peace Joins The Lefevre Quartet

IMG_3059Former Kingsmen, Old Paths tenor vocalist Jeremy Peace is the newest member of The Lefevre Quartet. Although no official statement has been issued by the group, the group shared the above photo from an appearance on The Jim Bakker Show.

Jeremy did post on his Facebook page the following. “Sometimes in life we seem to get the cart before the horse. Often times we attempt to make things happen on our own because we feel it would please the Lord and we jump ahead of Him, trying to open doors and force our way through them. In doing this, we often fail to see the door we were supposed to walk through is right in front of us, but because we are so focused on our own dreams, ambitions and desires to please the Lord, we completely miss the opportunity He has for us to serve Him, how and where He wants us. I must admit I have fallen into this very situation, going on my feelings and own desires to have my own ministry, being at home with my family and serving the Lord in the way that I wanted to. I have no doubts about my calling to evangelize and sing, but it was the vehicle I chose to do so in that was not in the Lord’s plan for my family and I. After almost a month of struggling daily and wrestling within myself, I began to see the direction I was to take. This new direction wasn’t exactly what “I” had envisioned for myself and my family, or for one of my very best friends in the whole world, my little brother, Josh Townsend, but once my wife and I surrendered to the only open door and walked through, we were given peace and resolve. Through this door, I will still be able to preach and give testimony each night as the Lord leads, and my wife and I will still be able to work with others through counseling and retreats. We are excited about these new opportunities for our family, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for Josh, as our families are still very close. I personally want to thank everyone who prayed and supported our family, Josh, and the ministry, as our only desire was to serve the Lord.

Peace had left The Old Paths and announced the formation of an evangelistic/music ministry with his wife and former Old Paths pianist Josh Townsend supplying vocals and piano. Jeremy is the second former member of TOP to join the LeFevres, bass vocalist Brandon Berry was with the group as well.

Jeremy is without a doubt a fine singer, and a tremendous addition to the Lefevre lineup. The group has known their share of personnel changes over the years, but had found stability recently with both Thomas Nalley and Barry at tenor and bass. Theres a lot of potential with this lineup, definitely something for fans to keep their eyes on. As for Nalley, sources say that a press release is forthcoming. Keep both Peace, Nalley and the group in your prayers.

Concert Alert: The Sammons Family & Justified Quartet


I usually don’t use the blog for my own promotions, but I wanted to let all of you know in the Detroit area about an upcoming concert. I sing with my wife and her parents, The Sammons Family. I have been promoting concerts in the metropolitan Detroit area for over 16 years. This year, we have been having many of our own talented groups from right here in Michigan join us for a concert. On Saturday June 6th, we will be joined by the Justified Quartet. I’ve written about the guys here on Fuson’s Findings and I truly believe they are one of the finest quartets around today.

The concert will take place at the First Baptist Church of Garden City, Michigan at 6:00 PM, with doors opening to the public one hour prior. Admission to the concert is FREE, but a Love Offering will be received to help pay the expenses for the evening. I would love for you attend and if you do so, let me know that you read about it here on the blog. Here’s a couple videos for to check out both of Justified and our group. God Bless You and Thank You for your support of Southern Gospel Music!


The Old Paths Announce Future Plans

46091_10151529035691608_249788921_nTim Rackley and Douglas Roark of The Old Paths announced today that the group will cease touring at the of 2015. The group will honor all dates currently on their calendar as, with their final service will December 6th. According to a statement released by the group this afternoon, “For more than twelve years, The Old Paths have traveled not only across the United States, but also the world. It has been their privilege to share the good news of Jesus through Southern Gospel music. While the blessings that the quartet has received have been numerous, this group has faced many challenges in the last year—primarily family obligations and health issues. Many are aware of the sudden, life-threatening condition that was discovered with Tim Rackley’s daughter which required an immediate kidney transplant. Group owners Tim Rackley and Douglas Roark have decided that it is in the best interest of their families for their focus to be on home.

Rackley goes on to state, “Those that truly know us know our hearts. When we started The Old Paths, we never dreamed that our desire to simply sing in small churches would evolve in to what our ministry has become. We sincerely hope that we have blessed others as much as we have been blessed. We will miss traveling and singing but we feel like it is time for our families to take priority.”

Roark went on to add, “Decisions like these are probably the hardest for a group owner(s), and it is not a decision to taken lightly, “but once we stepped back and looked at the big picture, the decision was obvious.”

I am truly saddened by this announcement. Without reservation, I can say that I am a huge fan of this group. As I have stated previously, I believe the recordings they have released in the last 5 years, starting with 2012’s Right Now all the way through their current release, 2015’s Stay, the group’s sound has progressed, but has not veered away from the formula that made them successful. Songs like, “Battle Stand”, “God’s Great”, “Long Live The King” and “Love Them To Jesus” have topped the radio charts and helped endear The Old Paths to many Gospel Music lovers. The group has made a wonderful impression on the industry, it’s just a shame that it is coming to an end so soon.

I sincerely hope to see bass vocalist Daniel Ashmore continue in the future. He is one of the finest young bass singers on the road today, and his growth as a vocalist has been on display with every project. It is also a shame that tenor Jeremy Peace’s departure took place before the group could formally disband. Peace was a huge part of the group’s sound, it’s hard to think of another tenor singer filling that spot. I wish nothing but the best for Tim Rackley, Douglas Roark, and Daniel Ashmore. Make sure you check the group’s schedule and go see them soon.




Jeremy Peace Departs The Old Paths

The Old Paths L-R Jeremy Peace, Tim Rackley, Daniel Ashmore, Douglas Roark

In an announcement that I never expected to write, Jeremy Peace, tenor vocalist for The Old Paths, has announced that he is leaving the group to form a new ministry with his family. The group has not posted a Press Release yet, Jeremy made the announcement on his personal Facebook page. Peace shared, “Over the past several years, after accepting the calling on my life to preach the Gospel, I’ve wrestled within myself to step out on my own, following the Lord in the direction he would have me go. Through that period of time, I’ve said no, I’ve tried to reject the notion that the Holy Spirit was leading me into evangelistic ministry, and all but ran from any open doors the Lord would open for me. I’ve lived in my “comfort zone” for so long that I was content where I was at. But within the last few months, the Lord has revealed Himself in such mighty ways; answering prayers for our family and opening doors that we had no choice but to walk through. As we sat back and watched the Lord worked within our family, it became apparent that He was waiting on me to take the first step of faith, in obedience to his Word, so that He could use me and my family in ministry together. We live in a world of chaos and despair. Everyone searching to fill the empty void inside them that only the Holy Spirit can fill. While we as Christians send a majority of our missionaries overseas to other nations, our country is crumbling to ruins. Jennifer and I feel its time to follow the Lord, step out on faith and become missionaries to our great nation! Our heart is to lead the lost to a loving Savior, and disciple them in truth and biblical teachings. To go into churches; preaching, and singing to hurting people who need the message of hope that Jesus will never leave them nor forsake them.

Peace went on to state, “So, as I transition from being a quartet man, spending the last 8 years on the road with one of the top quartets in the nation, it is with a humbled heart that I announce a new ministry: Peace Ministries; preaching, singing, missionary and evangelistic work throughout the United States. We will also be putting together couple’s, men, women and teen retreats, sharing our testimonies; individually and together, of how the Lord has delivered us and worked through us, and how he can do the same for others!”

Peace has been a favorite of Gospel Music lovers since joining The Kingsmen back in 2004. In 2007, Jeremy left the group to join The Old Paths and for the last 8 years has been a part of this great group’s rise to the top of the industry. Their last 4 projects (Right Now, These Truths, Decade, Stay) are the finest string of recordings any group in the history of our music have ever released. Although I hate to see Jeremy leave my favorite group, I wish him and his family all the best. Please keep the Peace Family & The Old Paths in your prayers during this time of transition.