YouTube Gem: The Cathedrals “Rivers of Joy”

One of my favorite albums growing up was The Cathedrals “Live In Atlanta”, and one of my absolute favorite songs on that album was a tune called “Rivers Of Joy”. If you’ve ever heard this song, you know that Kirk Talley tore it up! Its a black gospel type song, and the Cats just destroy it.

Recently I found some videos on YouTube of a concert from New Years Eve 1986, at Gilead Baptist Church in Taylor, Michigan. These videos are significant to me for two reasons. 1. This was Gerald Wolfe’s 2nd weekend with the Cats, 2. There was a 2 year old little boy there with his family that night, who just happens to be me!!

It has been so awesome discovering these videos, showing them to my family, and hearing the recollections they have of the concert. The reason this video is also significant because I’ve never heard Danny Funderburk sing this song, and he tears it up!

Check it out!