Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Member “Little” Willie Wynn Releases New Solo Project

One of the most iconic voices to ever come along in Southern Gospel Music, “Little” Willie Wynn has made a name for himself throughout his career as one of the finest tenor singers to ever sing Gospel Music. Willie came to the attention of the Gospel Music world through his lengthy tenure with The Oak Ridge Boys,  from 1958 to 1973. Willie also sang with The Statesmen, and his own groups The Tennesseans and Sweetwater. His heartfelt singing and dynamic delivery made him a favorite of Gospel Music fans throughout his career.    In 2000, He was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame with the Oak Ridge Boys. Willie was also recognized for his contributions to Gospel Music and was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2011. He’s been called “The Tenor Singer’s Tenor Singer” and “The Man With A Million Friends”.

williecoverFor the first time in a number of years, Willie went back into the studio to record a new solo project. That project, Willie Wynn and Friends, has just been released. Produced by Woody Wright, this recording features new arrangements of many of Willie’s most well known and loved songs,  like Mama’s Last Amen, My Friends, While I’m Here, What You’ve Done For Me, and many others. There are also new songs, including an autobiographical song called The Oak Ridge Boys & Me, featuring the group themselves on background vocals.


Also Ponder Sykes & Wright (who first sang together as members of Willie’s group, The Tennesseans) are featured on several songs, along with other former Tennesseans Elmer Cole and Dave Maddox. Bill Gaither, Ben Speer and Gene McDonald provide support vocals, as well as Willie’s great friends Darrell Holt, Gary Clark and J.T. Hicks from the group Sweetwater. The musician crew is a who’s who of some of Nashville finest players.

This is truly a recording that should be in the library of every Gospel Music fan. I’m looking forward to posting the Album Review in the coming weeks. To order this historic recording and hear samples from the project, visit


2 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Member “Little” Willie Wynn Releases New Solo Project

  1. Hi Willie, It has been a long road from the farm at Moultrie to here.
    Betty and I are ordering your new album and we just hope you get this note.
    We still hear from Bob occasionally (and you also). Really miss John.
    With love, Cordy & Betty

  2. I got Willie’s latest CD and love it. I have been a fan for Willie’s since the early 60’s when I sang in a quartet of teenagers in Louisville, KY.

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