Ian Owens Resigns From EH&SS, Paul Harkey To Join

 2012 has been the year of the Revolving Bass Singer, as there has been so many personell changes in the genre to keep up lately. One of the most stunning announcements came today, as Ernie Haase sent out a press release announcing Ian Owens will be leaving the group. The following is the news release, in its entirety.

Dear Friends, 
For the past two years the EHSS team and fans have been enriched by the voice and personality of Ian Owens.  Ian has announced that he will be pursuing other interests (both musical and personal) and we fully support him and wish him great success. Ian’s last date with EHSS will be October 13th, 2012 in Sunnyvale, TX.  Come out and support Ian and please pray for Ian and his wife Megan as they follow this new path.  
We will miss Ian dearly. He is a funny, FUNNY man who has become a great friend and that will never change.  We will update you at a later date with all information concerning Ian and his plans. 
Our new bass singer is a young man you are going to love. His name is Paul Harkey. We will fill you in on all of his information soon. Pray for EHSS as we navigate through this transition time.
Owens departure is quite suprising to me, but whats even more unexpected is that Harkey will be joining the group. These are two bass singers with very different voices. The group is going from Owens, whose style mirrors more Aarmon Morales, with alot of vibrato, to a low quartet bass in Harkey, who will remind EH&SS fans more of a mix of Tim Duncan & Jeff Chapman.  Harkey had just recently joined The Lefevre Quartet, after spending a few years with the Anchormen.  The Lefevre Quartet just released a new project, with Harkey, entitled “But For The Cross”.
I’m very intrigued to see how Harkey will sound with EH&SS, and how good of a fit he will be. We wish Ian and his family all the best in their future endeavors, and we anxiously await the debut of Harkey.

One thought on “Ian Owens Resigns From EH&SS, Paul Harkey To Join

  1. It really is astonishing. These many changes in groups make them look like they’re secular groups. There’s not that much of consistency. I thought it was Gold City that had this but it’s spreading. But anyway, let’s hope all involved know what they are doing & they let God be in control & the Holy Spirit guide them.

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